Zippers New Red Shift 587 Cam for CVO-110 Engines

Designed specifically for Harley-Davidson's 110 CVO motor

zippers red shift cams

Zipper's new Red Shift 857 cam.

Courtesy of Zippers Performance

Harley’s CVO 110” engine is quite different from the 103, as it is equipped with much larger valves and heavier valve springs. Our engineers designed the 587 specifically for the factory CVO 110 to provide smoother, more exciting power over stock from 2,000 rpm to over 100 horsepower at red line, without the trademark flat-lining at 4,500 that the stock cam provides. Torque is improved across the entire rpm range for that great big-block engine feel. This amazing Red Shift bolt-in camshaft was created for the CVO rider who wants his motorcycle to perform as good as it looks!

This cam was designed and optimized to be the best bolt-in cam for the CVO 110 platform, dramatically increasing power and torque across the entire RPM range. Unlike many other cams, the 587 was designed to work with the larger valves and heavier springs that the CVO engines are equipped with. Specially designed cam lobe ramps ensure quiet operation of these heavier parts, while the lobe profiles take advantage of the high flow CVO heads to develop more power to red line.

By designing the 587 specifically for the components found in the CVO 110 engine, no compromises were taken to allow the cam to be used widely in other applications. By focusing in on the special CVO 110 head, the result is a textbook smooth torque curve that never loses from the factory setup from 2,000 on with a well-designed exhaust system. The horsepower curve doesn’t “nose over” at 4,500 rpm like the factory-equipped camshaft, it revs freely and pulls to nearly 6,000 rpm for a true hot-rod feel. The difference is simply amazing for a bolt-in cam. This setup should produce around 200psi cranking compression in an unmodified engine. Although much higher output options are available for the CVO 110 engine from Zipper’s, the Red Shift 587 is the best option for anyone looking to let their engine breathe without opening up the top end.

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