Wire-Plus Power Port

Power Up

Here is the single port in black powdercoat and chrome finishes.

The get started we removed the seat and disconnected the battery, then we removed the horn mounting bolt.

After removing the two bolts from the top of the Power Port we where able to get to the mounting hole (arrow).

Then we installed the power Port onto the horn-mounting stud using the supplied washer and nut.

Next, the wires were routed up under the tank and along the frame toward the battery away from the engine. We secured the wires with the supplied zip-ties, and then connected the two wires to the battery. Black went to the negative post and the red with the fuse went to the positive post.

Once the connections were tight we reinstalled the seat and started charging. The nice thing about the Power Port piece is that it's almost unnoticed when not in use, but comes in handy on trips like when you're camping with no outlet power.

You never know when you're going to be out on a trip longer than you planned. The first thing you may start to think about is the next gas stop. But charging your cell phone, GPS, or even an iPod, which is normally done at the hotel can get overlooked when you're thinking about your trip plans. Now if you need to charge one of your devices as you are riding, you can do so with a Power Port from Wire-Plus. The company's new line of Power Ports can be used to charge phones, GPS devices, laptops, portable music systems, or used to power cigarette lighters, heated gloves, and vests. Any device that connects to a 12V power supply through a standard cigarette lighter can be charged with one of these Power Ports. They are available in dual port for $95 or single port for $69, in chrome or black powdercoat.