Wind Jammer

Imzz Elite Audio Fairing install

The first things we had to get were these stock 2015 H-D Dyna Street Bob handlebars off of this bike for something better.

A set of 12-inch-rise Burly Brand Jailbars (top) fit the bill to a T.

As you can see, the simplistic styling of Burly’s T-bars will not interfere with the Imzz fairing install.

The fairing mounts to the fork tubes with the aid of a set of mounts that are supplied with the kit.

The inner fairing houses the two Rockford Fosgate speakers, as well as the Imzz Bluetooth control knob.

Jim installed the beefy steel fairing mounts to the inner fairing via eight separate bolts.

With an added set of hands, the fairing was then slid onto the fork mounts.

The four fork mounts and headlight needed to all be aligned to work together and properly adjusted.

Once everything was straight and true, the mounting points on the fork were all torqued to spec.

The fairing bracket mounts were then torqued down.

An included rubber gasket was installed around the radius of the inner fairing to make a weatherproof seal between the two halves of the fairing.

The speaker and power wires were then wired into the amplifier plug.

The inside of the outer fairing houses the Rockford Fosgate 300-watt amp.

Mating of the inner and outer fairing was then made.

Eight rather large stainless-steel screws were used to make sure both sides of the fairing would become one and stay that way.

To get power to the fairing, Jim routed the fairing wiring under the bike’s gas tank along the backbone of the frame.

The ground and power wires were hooked up to the battery, and we are done with the install of the Imzz Elite Audio Fairing. If you are looking for something to get the wind off you and some music in your ears while doing so, we can assure you this fairing sounds as great as it looks.

Quarter fairings have been making a comeback lately, and now with the advent of high-quality big-wattage power-sports audio, these new crop of fairings do more than just block the wind.

Take for instance the Imzz Elite Audio Fairing. It is a two-piece vacuum injection, fiberglass molded, and each fairing is made by hand one by one to ensure the highest quality product. It also had enough space between the two halves of the fairing to house some pretty hefty tuneage.

The initial $625 gets you the inner and outer fairing pieces in ready-to-paint condition, a rubber gasket to ensure watertight seal, a clear headlight lens, and some universal fork leg mounting hardware that’s easy to install.

We went full tilt and ordered our fairing direct from Imzz fully wired with a set of Rockford Fosgate T165 6.5-inch speakers, Rockford Fosgate PBR3000x4 300-watt amplifier, and Imzz’s own amazing Bluetooth/volume control knob, which makes pairing any smartphone a simple experience. Imzz even color-matched it in-house to ensure quality. The complete fairing came it at $1,750, and the California company can and will ship these “ready to run” anywhere in the world. Follow along as Jim from Imzz Elite takes us through the process of installing this fairing from tip to tail.


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