West Coast Choppers' New Floorboards - Bear Traps

For Your Bagger

1. Here's a look at our unsuspecting victim.

2. The two bolts that attach the factory floorboard come out easily and the floorboard just lifts off.

3. The nut that holds the brake pedal in place and the pit that attaches the pedal to the brake master cylinder linkage are removed, and the pedal assembly slides off.

4. Then, this brass oil-lite bushing is slipped over the brake pedal mounting shaft.

5. The brake pedal is slipped into place. The factory nut and washer are used to hold it in place, and the pin and cotter pin are reinstalled to attach the new brake pedal to the master cylinder linkage.

6. The two supplied Allen-head bolts are then installed onto the bottom of the new floorboard and attached to the factory mounts.

7. There you have it. New West Coast Choppers' Bear Trap Floortboards are on your bagger.

Installing West Coast Choppers' new floorboards for baggersAs most of you know, when West Coast Choppers comes out with a new product, you can bet it will look unique and aggressive. So when we caught wind that they were releasing a set of bear trap floorboards for baggers, we had to take a closer look-but not too close.

When we got to West Coast they had already laid out the new floorboards and the new brake pedal, and were ready to do the installation for our camera. We clicked away and in 10 minutes we were finished. It was a simple five bolts, a pin, and a cotter pin, and the installation was done. But don't take our word for it; have a look at the photos and see for yourself.