Volume 44, Number 10 Hot Bike Table of Contents

Volume 44, Number 10 Hot Bike Table of Contents - Hot Bike Magazine

On This Page: Matt Himes catches some major burnout fury.

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On the Cover
Main Photo: Mark Kawakami snapped Matt Barker on his San Diego Customs-built FXR.

Inset: Colleen Swartz photographed Warren Jr’s sweet Panhead with a sweetheart of a gal.

8 From the Editor
10 Editor’s Note
18 Product Pics
26 The Hot Seat
94 Used and Abused
106 Readers’ Showcase


In Depth
46 Go Big Or Go Home

Goin’ Big for More Power With H-D’s 110 Big Bore Kit

Under Budget
84 Rust Rescue
Removal Made Easy


28 Sweet Fighter

Brawny Built Mono-Shocked Sportster

58 Michigan Mayhem

Josh Whitford’s Scrapyard Shovel

70 Rollin’ Large

Low Country Custom’s FLHX

76 Caught Between Two Worlds

An FXR That’s Accepted Everywhere Yet Fits Nowhere

86 The Perfect Pan

From Craigslist to Australia

Historically Speaking
34 Wheels Through Time

Much More Than a Cycle Museum

Living the Life
40 To Hell and Back

With Luck and Patience