Vivitar Action Camcorder Review


vivitar action sports camera

Prices for the trio are very reasonable with retails ranging from $99 to $199. That makes these an easy way to jump into action camera arena.

Photo: John Zamora

Action sports cameras were once the play toys of surfers, skydivers, and bungee jumpers. Over the years, the price and availability have become so commonplace that if you haven't strapped a camera to your head and bike by now and taped one of your epic rides through some scenic country, you're missing out on the action. Vivitar has entered this highly competitive market with the three different levels of camera: 4K Wi-Fi DVR 914HD, Wi-Fi DVR794HD, and the full HD 786HD. All three include a bicycle mount and head mount, remote control, and a waterproof casing. The top-of-the-line 4K model is capable of 1440p at 30 frames per second and 4K at 10 frames per second. All three record 30 fps at full HD 1080p and 30/60 fps at 720p. Both the DVR 914HD and DVR 786HD include built-in screens for optimal aiming, while the Wi-Fi models can connect via the smartphone app.