Viva Italia

My Two Cents

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About six months ago, I was talking with a friend in the industry about a custom motorcycle show in Verona, Italy, known as Motor Bike Expo that takes place annually in January. My buddy mentioned that Motor Bike Expo was probably one of the coolest and largest bike shows on the planet and that more than 100,000 enthusiasts trek to the northern Italian venue to check out what European bike builders are capable of creating.

I was immediately intrigued since I’d visited Europe a few years ago, and I pledged to at one point in my life move to Italy. Being that logistics, family, career, etc., got in the way of that, I figured that a return trip to the country my ancestors emigrated from would do just fine. I had to figure out a way to get there.

After some planning and figuring out how it was viable for the magazine, I somehow was able to make it happen. European builders have certain flair, a je ne sais quoi, that every custom Harley enthusiast—or motorcycle enthusiast in general—can’t put his finger on, but can definitely appreciate. I’m one of those guys. Fred Krugger, from Krugger Motorcycles in Belgium and multiple AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building winner, is one of my favorite builders of all time. I can’t wait to see what some of the other continent-men bring to the Motor Bike Expo table.

As you read this, I’ll have already visited and returned from the gigantic European soiree, but as I write this I leave in about three weeks. I’ve never been more excited for anything in my life, especially since I’m taking my better half with me.

Granted, riding in Europe in the middle of winter isn’t the most ideal time to experience its picturesque landscape, but just taking in the sights, the rolling sculptures, meeting new people, experiencing the culture and cuisine, and of course, reveling in Italy’s history is good enough for me. I’m most excited to visit some of the European bike builders I’ve befriended through the years on their home turf.

Stay tuned for some great European content. I’m planning on grabbing plenty of cool bike features and other interesting tidbits while I’m there to showcase what the Europeans are capable of creating.