Vintage Medicine Man

Jeff Jolliff’s custom Indian helps cure cancer

Brian Klock of Klock Werks and Jeff Jolliff, the owner of this beautiful custom bike, have known each other since 1995 when Jeff first purchased Roger Klock's used FLH. This kicked off a friendship that has resulted in multiple magazine features between the two. This time around, the custom Indian Chief Vintage they built took on a bigger meaning and was used as therapy as Jeff fought off throat cancer.

Brian was asked by Indian to be part of the advisory team for the new motorcycles and managed to keep his two-year vow of silence, even from Jeff. When the bikes were unveiled and Laura Klock rode one onto the stage at Sturgis during the rally in 2013, Jeff knew right then he wanted the same red bike she rode out on. He immediately contacted Ken Laframboise at Vern Eide Motoplex in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and took delivery of this Indian Vintage #872 of the initial 1901 bikes built.

Jeff is no stranger to tearing apart a new foundation for a custom build. His last build "Mint Condition" was featured on the cover of Baggers magazine. That one began as a new 2010 Road King that Brian had just brought home from Daytona. This time around the Indian needed routine service after a 500-mile break-in, so during that time the head and cylinders were shipped off for Diamond Head cutting. At the same time it was apart Jeff began to rebuild on his throat.

The Klock Werks team was instructed to alter the tank in the front to round it slightly. The rear was stretched to close the gap between the seat and tank. The already leather-clad creation would then receive a set of Chieftan hard bags to add to the flowing rear fender and skirted rear. Finally, in custom tradition the next step was to alter the fender and wheels to create the proper custom stance.

Sam Wakim of Ride Wright again got the call to provide the spokes the team needed to make the front end stand proud and add that bling Jeff was after. Klock Werks provided the stock wheels and rotors to allow them to create the initial setup for this custom, and Jeff's build was out in front again. The bike also rolls on one of the first Avon 120/70-21 front tires to land state side.

Jeff has a history of single-color bikes that accent the modifications and factory lines, and #872 was to be no exception. Brad Smith of The Factory Match mixed the PPG hue Jeff was craving to be dark enough to accent the motor and frame yet highlight the flowing sheet metal the Indian is known for. The slight stretch to the front and rear of the tank are completed by the custom ruby color.

The details must be seen in person or against a stock version to understand the depth of the efforts.

Klock Werks’ new Prairie Bars get their name from the fact that there aren't a lot of beaches in South Dakota. Jeff chose that style and a Barnett clutch cable for this build. He is so proud of his collaboration with the team at Klock Werks that he called on Duane Ballard to tool the shop's logo on the factory seat. A Vance & Hines new exhaust was tapped to give it a deep, throaty voice to speak from. The rear floorboards are a custom one-of-a-kind creation that call out the Indian heritage and accent the bike beautifully.

As the bike unveiled its beautiful colors at Klock Werks pre-Sturgis party in 2014, Jeff had the cancer in remission and the two would spend the winter months of South Dakota polishing and prepping for spring of 2015 where the world would get to see #872 in its new red coat and form and Jeff would be back out riding his new custom creation. It is the best therapy ever!