Vintage Harley-Davidson Motorcycles shred the ice of frozen Lake Michigan

Ice Riding at the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

Part of the weekend's festivities for the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show included some Ice Riding at McKinley Marina on a frozen Lake Michigan just a couple miles away from the Harley-Davidson Museum. Bikes of all makes , sizes and displacements roared around the frigid course but the stars of the show had to be the vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles that were piloted by some very daring men in single digit temperature conditions.

A fantastic time was had by all riders and spectators alike at McKinley Marina. If this event is part of next year's schedule for the Mama Tried Show, you most definitely will want to add some screws/studs to your moto's tires and partake in the fun.Trust us, we here at Hot Bike took a couple bikes for some laps and had an absolute blast . Enough to make our fair-weathered Southern California bodies forget all about those pesky single digit temps.

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