Video: PICKARD USA Slip Fit Short Neck installation

Run a 26″ or 30″ wheel on your Harley touring model

Run a 26″ or 30″ wheel on your Harley-Davidson touring model with the Pickard USA Slip Fit Short Neck kit.

The slip fit bagger short neck set up is ideal for running 26 and 30″ wheels with front air ride systems. The short neck allows more suspension travel and positions the forks in a more vertical position, which gives your bike a smoother ride. With the short neck set up, you don’t have to rake your front end out as far, which means you can maintain a closer to stock trail configuration. This neck kit is precision machined from solid billet steel and is the nicest on the market. Machined necks hold tighter tolerances than welded neck kits, ensuring the most accurate and true neck kit for your Harley Bagger.

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