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Klock Family photo: Erika (20), Karlee (17), Laura, and Brian Klock have become the first family of baggers, now it’s time for a mini-bagger.

Klock Family photo: Erika (20), Karlee (17), Laura, and Brian Klock have become the first family of baggers, now it’s time for a mini-bagger.

01. Laura looks over Karlee’s drawings, which will be sent to Jesse Hahne at Sportech for a final rendering. Are those Mitchell Kernel High School colors or GEICO racing?

02. The girls started by mocking up the Sportech fairing to the frontend and right off the bat they noticed a few issues.

03. First Erika had to remove the stock speedo and bracket so that it could be relocated in order for the fairing to mount to the bike.

04. Laura had to remove the inner panel on the fairing so it could be trimmed to clear the triple trees and headlight and allow the fairing to have the laid-back appearance they were after.

05. Moving on to the teardown of the 8-Ball, Karlee and Erika removed the stock exhaust and brackets.

06. Erika uses her pipes to remove the stock ones.

07. The new Bassani 2-into-1 may be a bit harder to do the “pipe” workout Erika found time for. Bonneville is right around the corner; time to tone up!

08. Karlee took the front fender off in prep for paint and the possibility of adding one of Klock Werks’ newest parts.

09. Moving to the rear of the bike, Karlee removed the rear fender strut bolts, then…

10. …held the rear fender up, while waiting for Erika to unplug some wiring.

11. The sisters then teamed up to remove the rear fender.

12. Here is the final rendering by Jesse Hahne at Sportech of what the 9ine Ball mini-bagger will look like. Next issue we’ll give you a full feature on the completed bike. Don’t forget to visit or text the word KLOCK to 67777 to register for your chance to win this awesome bagger.

When Rod Woodruff of the Legendary Buffalo Chip decided to celebrate his 30th year of providing Sturgis rally-goers with great music, camping, and biker camaraderie, he looked east across the state to Klock Werks in Mitchell, South Dakota, to build him a giveaway bike.

The folks at Victory Motorcycles offered up one of its Kingpin 8-Balls for the Klock Werks team to freshen up for the celebration. As Brian Klock studied the lines of the 8-Ball he saw the potential for his daughters, Erika and Karlee, to design and customize this bike with him and his wife, Laura. “The bike has a low seat height and center of gravity, and it just begs to be a mini bagger,” says Brian. The girls were excited at the chance to work on a project bike they could call their own.

As the team collaborated on ideas for the bike, they figured since GEICO is one of Rod’s sponsors, it would make perfect sense to combine the factory blacked-out theme with the GEICO colors of black and yellow. Talk then centered around the rounded lines of Tsukayu’s saddlebags and the aggressive shape of a Sportech SP Fairing. The team figured the combination of the bags and fairing would really accentuate the lines of the Vic and give it a sleek mini-bagger stance. And the fact that the Sportech fairing had an available MP3 audio kit just put it over the top for them. Since Sturgis is about the road trip, they envisioned loading up the iPod with a few of the Buffalo Chip concert musicians and heading for the hills. “We felt like the lines in the tank flowed with the fairing, and we just needed to cut the inside of the fairing to give it the right stance,” states Karlee. “Who knows, it may become a part specifically for Victorys if Sportech has enough demand, so give them a call. We hope the winner racks up plenty of miles, enjoys the music, and keeps coming back to Sturgis for years to come,” says Erika.

Upon further discussing the paint, the girls sparked a theme for the bike. They deiced they could make the 8-Ball one better; and of course the colors were perfect for it to become a nine. And with that the 9ine Ball Bagger concept was born. Excited to jump into the project, Erika and Laura grabbed their Gear Wrench tool set and went to work on moving the speedometer bracket to begin the mock-up process so photos of the fairing tipped back could be sent to Jesse Hahne at Sportech to complete the computer-generated concept of project “9ine Ball”.

It was decided to utilize Bassani Exhaust’s new Road Rage long pipe in chrome with the new machined and anodized black tip. Other performance modifications would include an upgraded air filter kit and Dyno Jet Power Commander. And when the time comes, the girls will call on long-time family friend and fellow South Dakota resident, Danny Gray, to stitch a custom seat, and the Ness boys for a few items of bling to round out the project. Of course, the stock black wheels will be utilized and power will be supplied by an Interstate battery, which the girls use on their Bonneville bikes.

The paint will feature the GEICO colors, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip logo across the bags, and yellow graphics with the GEICO name in a wallpaper-style shadowed in. The mini-bagger should be easy to follow as one of the girls leads the women’s day ride with her mom and Meg McDonough for the First Annual Buffalo Chip Biker Belles Charity Day on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at Sturgis.

“The goal is to look at what the younger generation wants, offer bikes with a touring attitude for shorter riders, and build a custom on a very solid platform. The Victory has great power, excellent suspension, and above-average factory brakes. It’s a great place to start.” adds Brian.

Fans can register to win the Klock Werks–customized Victory Kingpin by making their way to the Buffalo Chip’s official website and filling out a contest form or by texting the word KLOCK to 67777. One lucky winner will be chosen from a group of finalists live on the Chip’s main stage Friday, August 12, to highlight the conclusion of the rally. HB


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