V-Twin Stunters Set To Battle In Bell Helmets Brawl At The Buffalo Chip

The baddest V-twin stunt riders around get set for a stunt-off in the Black Hills

V-twin stunt rider

Big bucks and bragging rights are on the line as a bevy of the best V-twin stunt riders compete in the second annual Bell Brawl at the Buffalo.

Staci Wilt

It’s going down August 5 at the Buffalo Chip, a battle royale between the best V-twin wranglers around during the Bell Brawl stunt competition. Back fenders and rear tires beware, as riders will be crackin’ 12s, getting slideways, and scrapin’ tails on Harley-Davidson Dynas and Sportsters. Those who manhandle big bikes like these are a breed apart, fearless masters of throttle and brake who tread a fine line between control and chaos. It’s the second year Bell Helmets and the Buffalo Chip will bring the two-wheeled (and many times, one) slide show to the CrossRoads, the free access area in front of the main entrance to the Chip.

Carey Hart

Freestyle legend Carey Hart will be one of the judges of the V-twin stunt fest.

Courtesy of the Buffalo Chip

The competition will be judged by guys who know a little something about treading that fine line, freestyle motocross legends Carey Hart and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg along with FXR Division’s Danny Gorman. Hart and Twitch will be doing a meet and greet at the Bell tent prior to the show at 2:30 p.m., while the Brawl itself kicks off at 3.

No handlebars v-twin stunt

Riders are judged on their stunt riding abilities in three categories.

Staci Wilt

Here’s how the judging goes. Each rider gets two minutes to display their stunt riding abilities: wheelies, burnouts, drifts, crowd interaction, etc. Riders will be judged in three categories: Energy, Control/Technique, and Style, and scored on a scale of one to 10. If riders have a mechanical issue during their run, the clock will stop and they’ve got 10 minutes to get their bike up and running. They have the option to swap to a backup bike, if needed. The top five highest scoring riders move into the finals where they’ll get another two-minute run to impress the judges and the crowd. The highest-scoring final run takes the title.

Jimmy Burnouts Slide Glide

Jimmy Burnouts wowing the crowd on his Slide Glide last year.

Staci Wilt

Currently there are 16 tire-roasting, wheelie-poppin’ fanatics who have been cherry-picked by Ride and Destroy and Bell Helmets to compete for the $1,500 grand prize. Last year Jimmy Burnouts wowed the crowd on the Slide Glide, Tallboyy Tee was throwin’ down one-handers and bending it past 12 o’clock, and Ashley of Smash Stunts was proving that girls like to shred just as hard as the boys. Dollar bills and bragging rights for the title of Baddest V-twin Slinger will be on the line, so we’re sure riders will be uncorking a new trick or two as they try to take the crown. When the smoke clears, there’s going to be a Dualigans Party at the CrossRoads’ Big Engine Bar. We hear that Hart’s going to be slinging drinks as guest bartender, so come thirsty, my friend. Be there, August 5, 3 p.m., at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads.

Woman rider burnout

It ain’t just dudes at the Brawl; you’ll see the ladies throwin down stunts and burnouts too.

Courtesy of the Buffalo Chip

2018 Bell Brawl at the Buffalo Rider Roster (subject to change)

  • Bruce Tuia: @samoan_bruce_wcc
  • Tyler Heuertz: @tallboyytee
  • James Cyphers: @jimmyburnouts
  • Phillip Hayes: @filthy_phil45
  • Joey Robinson: @joey55._
  • Gabe Canestri: @reckless_203
  • Jeff Flaherty: @cbearstunts
  • Kris Ganem: @bkwcc
  • Justin Sullivan: @___Sullly
  • Sal Fusco: @salfusco22
  • Geno Lonati @leno_gonati
  • Scotty Seguine: @scottysmash
  • Wyatt Carnell: @stuntin_carnel
  • Mike Haribo: @mike_haribo
  • Dan Barcomb: @danbarcombb
wheelie stunt

The title of Baddest V-twin Slinger is on the line, so riders will be uncorking new tricks galore to take the crown.

Courtesy of the Buffalo Chip


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