Used and Abused: Sedici Hotwired Vest

Staying warm on the road

Sedici Hotwired Vest

Sedici Hotwired Vest


Photo: Hot Bike Staff

In these cold months there is nothing better than getting a bit of help to combat Old Man Winter—even if one has to plug into an onboard power to do so. One cold morning I grabbed a Sedici Hotwired electrically heated vest, and, boy, was I glad I did. The Hotwired vest is constructed from a lightweight nylon outer shell with a thin yet quilted insulated comfort lining. But in between those layers is where the magic happens. Placed inside the jacket are micro-alloy heating elements that produce a much welcomed warmth in seconds. I also hooked the variable temp controller (sold separately) to my bike’s battery to fine-tune the level of heat I was comfortable with. I have loved the warmth of riding with just the vest, but due to the dropping temps and the interconnectivity of the vest for the addition of everything from pants to gloves to boot liners, I am going to be rollin’ toasty in the frigid wind and kicking Jack Frost’s ass in no time.