Used and Abused | Harley-Davidson Cruiser Cradle Wheel Chock

I recently got my hands on one of Harley-Davidson’s Cruiser Cradle Wheel Docks and have been using it quite regularly (MSRP $249.95) for all sorts of situations. The unit is constructed of sturdy aluminum and both the lower rocking cradle and top V bracket are adjustable allowing fitment for front and rear tire diameters from 14-22 inches and widths of 3.15-8.66 inches, basically all stock Harley motorcycles as well as motorcycles with custom wheels. The design of the chock allows it to be easily folded up and stored when not in use.

With multiple bikes currently in my garage and my lift occupied by a project bike, I’ve used the chock to store a bike upright, giving me more room to walk between bikes. I’ve also used it when doing light work/maintenance on bikes, for washing bikes, and for transporting bikes in my truck. The rocking cradle makes it easy for one person to roll a bike in and out. The best aspect is that the chock supports the bike in place without straps (straps are necessary when used for transporting bikes). The only issues I’ve had with the chock is that even though it has rubber feet to help prevent sliding, there has been a few instances where the unit has slid a little forward or backward when rolling a bike in and out of my garage’s slick surface. Also there’s an optional trailer kit to secure the chock in a trailer or truck bed, but with a $250 price tag for the chock, I would think the adapter kit should come standard.

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  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy one-person operation
  • Multiple uses


  • Optional trailer adapter kit should come standard
  • Can sometimes slide a little on slick surfaces