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EPIC-id USB Emergency ID band

EPIC-id USB Emergency ID band

Jeff G. Holt

As an old biker once told me, “It’s not if, it’s when” in regard to crashing on a motorbike. The bad thing is he never told me any sort of degree of severity I would suffer bodily during this occurrence. I guess I will just have to wait to find out. Well, when and if it does happen, I will be ahead of the curve with the EPIC-id. It’s a waterproof USB emergency information bracelet that is constructed from a comfortable silicone band and a durable stainless-steel clasp that has all of your emergency info cleverly embedded into it. It is both PC and Mac compatible, and it takes mere minutes to set up via your computer with all the needed info to save your life in an emergency.

It goes like this: You insert one side of the bracelet into the USB port of your computer and click on the EPIC-id button, which appears on your computer’s desktop. Then you fill in the blanks by privately providing the bracelet’s interface with your list of personal emergency contacts, doctor info, the meds you are on, and any sort of allergies or aversions you may have. You can even change and update it with information like a DNR order, donor information, and requests for clergy in case shit really hits the fan when you hit the ground.

For another $15 you can get a stainless-steel external personalized ID tag that simply mounts to the bracelet with a simple five lines of easily readable text for those first responders without iPads and laptops.

I have been wearing the EPIC-id for a while now both in and out of the saddle. And although nobody has had to use it yet, for the little amount of money the EPIC-id costs and the amount of benefit it carries in one simple device, I don’t know why anyone who rides shouldn’t be wearing one every time they are in the wind.

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