TU Bruiser - A custom 1985 Harley-Davidson FXRP

Punching out a piece of American history

My name is Marcos Ybarra, and I’m an active US Navy SEAL with 22 years of Honorable Service and an avid Harley enthusiast/biker. I guess the FXRP venture started when my partner in crime alluded to the fact that you don’t see many FXRPs in San Diego. So we talked about it as I pondered the thought of building one from the ground up. Well before I knew it my phone rang with my buddy saying, “I bought two bikes in Long Beach. Let’s do it.”

“I bought two bikes in Long Beach. Let’s do it.”

So the journey began.

I picked up the bike at my buddy’s and rode it straight home. First thing I did was put it up on the lift, took some pictures, and immediately started tearing it apart. I decided I was going to take it down to the frame for a total restore. With this bike being such a piece of Americana, plus having matching frame/motor VINs, I wanted to try to maintain the original look as a real police-model FXRP. I wanted to keep the color Police Black and White. I don’t believe in an overelaborate paint job. I think it takes away from the bike and does nothing for performance and drivability. All the upgrades I did were for performance and to make the bike handle better.

Chip Kastelnik, owner of San Diego Customs (SDC), was building his FXR at the time I began to restore mine. He had great insight on my build and was able to answer a lot of questions. Dan Himes, also from SDC, did the paint. Dan and Chip (not to forget my ol’ lady) talked me out my original idea on the tank symbol, which was going to be a “187,” which would have also probably brought me undue attention from the local po-po. So I put some thought into it and went with something more meaningful and work-related.

During my 2008 Iraq deployment my troop used the “Punisher” logo, and my unit was called “Task Unit Bruiser,”

During my 2008 Iraq deployment my troop used the “Punisher” logo, and my unit was called “Task Unit Bruiser,” so it was a perfect fit for the center of the FLH wing and a good way to remember my brothers from “TU Bruiser.”

I’ve owned a lot of different bikes over the years, and I have to say the FXRP is by far the best-handling bike hands down. The journey was a learning experience and the end result a success. My beliefs are that with any success we don’t get there alone. With that said, I’d like to give thanks to those who helped make this happen. In no particular order, I’d like to give thanks to Chip Kastelnik and Dan Himes from SDC, Randy and Davin from Cycle Visions, Dr. Jim from Head Hoggers, my brother Jake, and lastly my wife for putting up with my shit.

Owner Marcos Ybarra
Shop Home garage
Year/Make/Model 1985/H-D/FXRP Police Defender
Fabrication SD Customs
Build Time 8 months
Year/Type/Size 1985/H-D/80ci
Builder Dr. Jim at Head Hoggers
Cases H-D
Cylinders H-D 3.520 over with 10.5-1 Wiseco pistons
Stroke 4.250
Heads H-D, Stage 2 by Dr. Jim
Rocker Boxes H-D
Cams TW8 Woods
Intake S&S
Air Cleaner Ness
Carb Mikuni 42mm
Exhaust SDC/SPF High Pipe
Year/Type 1993/H-D
Gears Later-model Stock 5-speed
Clutch 2006 SE Twin-cam
Primary Drive 2006 H-D Twin-cam
Year/Type 1985/ H-D FXR
Rake/Stretch Stock/2 over
Suspension |
Front end 2000 FXDX
Length Stock 39mm
Triple Trees Top GPR/lower HD 39mm
Swingarm H-D stock
Rear Shocks Progressive 13-in. 444
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size H-D/19 in.
Tire/Size Dunlop/19 in.
Calipers Brembo H-D
Rotors Lyndall Racing
Builder/Size H-D/16 in.
Tire/Size Dunlop/16 in.
Front Caliper GMA Engineering by BDL
Rear Caliper 1984–’94 FXR GMA 103 SA
Rotor DNA
Pulley 52-tooth chain
Painter Dan Himes from SD Customs
Colors Police Black and White
Paint/Graphics 81/82 FLH HD wing with The Punisher logo
Powdercoating SD Customs
Front Fender H-D
Rear Fender H-D
Gas Tank H-D
Dash H-D Police Dash
Gauges Stock
Handlebars 12-in. Westcoast MX
Grips Avon
Mirrors H-D
Hand Controls H-D Later model 1996–up
Foot Controls Mids SDC Pigs
Headlight H-D
Taillight Cycle Visions Eliminator
Turn Signals Mini 39mm tube LED
License Mount Cycle Visions
Seat La Pera gel