TSC’s stainless 2-into-1 exhaust install

Thrash It Up!

  1. This is how the pipe comes from the folks at Thrashin Supply. It just takes swapping your stock exhaust port hardware to start the process.
  1. The rear of the pipe is secured to the bike with this beefy transmission-mounted exhaust bracket.
  1. Once the pipe was finagled between the jugs of the engine, we snugged the rear of the exhaust up ever-so slightly.
  1. The front was a little tricky to get aligned, but we finally managed to get it to fit up just fine.
  1. We then attached the rear of the exhaust to the mount, and then we tightened all of the mounts to factory specs.
  1. We also installed the provided heat shield to keep the hotness off of our legs.
  1. As you can see, the pipe is high, but there is plenty of clearance for the foot controls.
  1. And there you have it. One slick 2-into-1 moto-style exhaust for your Harley!

The performance-oriented folks who like a nice 2-into-1 exhaust tend to want them lean and light, so a stainless-steel one-piece design like this Thrashin Supply pipe should make a lot of riders happy. The design of the pipe is well thought out with an attractive 4-inch megaphone muffler and an upper heat shield on the rear pipe. The front pipe is tucked high, so scraping in corners like some other 2-into-1 exhausts should be a thing of the past. It is made in the USA and is for both fuel-injected and carbureted V-twins. We found it easy to install, a good performer, and it had a great sound. Here’s the complete story of how it went on our 2005 H-D Dyna FXDX.

Source: Thashin Supply Co.