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Tried And True Garage Resurrects A 1967 Harley Shovelhead

The “Making Chips” custom build uses an old H-D mill to create a new chopper

To paraphrase a classic T-shirt, old Shovelheads never die. They just get turned into new motorcycles. Sometimes as the centerpiece, sometimes as the victims of cannibalism, but they do come back from death a lot. “Making Chips” here is more of a centerpiece story than anything involving being eaten up part by part. Tried and True Garage brought a 1967 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead back from the parts graveyard for a new life as chopped iron.

Created over a six-month flurry of cutting, bending, and fabricating, this hardtail was a labor of love. 138 Cycle Fab created the frame that’s the basis of the machine and houses the ’67 Harley mill. Tried and True Garage transformed the chassis into a roller with a springer fork bracketing a 21-inch wheel up front and a 19-incher out back.

That frame may not have been conjured up in-house but a lot of the rest of this chopper was. Tried and True Garage made the most of what little sheet metal work is on Making Chips, including changes to the 138 Cycle Fab peanut tank straddling the backbone.

All of which adds up to this Making Chips chopper. And it seems to be a much better existence than being hacked apart for your guts to feed other projects.

shalk shovelhead custom chopper

“Murdered out” is definitely not how you describe a chopper this shiny.

Michael Lichter Photography

custom painted gas tank

Good Times Reform laid down all kinds of PPG pigment on the tank, from blue to gold to white.

Michael Lichter Photography

Tried and True Garage with shalk shovelhead chopper

Tried and True Garage enjoying the fruits of its work.

Michael Lichter Photography

Custom leather solo saddle

Custom leather solo saddle for the win.

Michael Lichter Photography

ribbed motorcycle fender

Adding new meaning to the term “ribbed fender.”

Michael Lichter Photography

kick sign on motorcycle

Signs indicate this chop’s a kicker.

Michael Lichter Photography

ribbed foot controls

The ribbed theme continues at foot level.

Michael Lichter Photography

shalk shovelhead custom chopper engine

Good things happen when brass, chrome, and polish team up on a motorcycle.

Michael Lichter Photography

shalk shovelhead custom chopper

“Pick a good pipe-side shot for the story.” That turns out to be pretty easy when there are pipes on both sides of the bike like this.

Michael Lichter Photography


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