Travis Pastrana Recreates Evel Knievel’s Three Biggest Jumps

Nitro Circus daredevil re-enacts the stuntman’s greatest feats in Las Vegas

Travis Pastrana motorcycle jumping 52 crushed cars

Travis Pastrana paying homage to Evel Knievel, jumping 52 crushed cars.

Morgan Gales

In many ways, Travis Pastrana is the new-age Evel Knievel. From drift cars to dirt bikes, we’ve watched Travis do some of the most insane and incredible stunts ever performed, and now he’s back to go even further. Recreating Evel Knievel’s three biggest jumps, Pastrana jumped over 52 crushed cars, followed by 16 11-foot-tall buses before moving over to Caesars Palace for the grand finale.

The jump that almost killed Evel, over the Caesars Palace fountain, has only gotten more difficult as time has passed. Additional construction has not only limited the run-up but also the landing area—meaning Pastrana had to get up to speed more quickly and landed with even less room to stop. There was really not a lot of margin for error here. Just like when Evel did it.

Travis Pastrana motorcycle jumping Ceasars Palace Fountain

Pastrana flying over the fountain at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Morgan Gales

By the time Travis got to the main jump over the fountain at Caesars Palace, clouds had rolled in and there was a 60-percent chance of rain despite temperatures being around 110 degrees. He only had about 200 feet to get up to speed and the landing area was just as small. It was tense, you could feel it. Everyone was waiting in anticipation, but the actual jump happened so fast. Pastrana roared over the jump, flying high with the bike level. He landed about halfway down the jump, turned around and came back to the top of the landing and did a burnout for the crowd before jumping down into the fountain to find some relief from the heat.

Travis Pastrana in Ceasars Palace Fountain

Travis cooling off after a successful jump in the Caesars Palace fountain.

Morgan Gales

All three jumps went off without a hitch and we’re lucky enough to have been there. It was truly an incredible experience to watch one action sports legend honor another like this!