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TPJ’s Hot Bike Tour Streetfighter

Twin Cam iron meets Kawasaki ZX-14 in Bryan Schimke’s aggressive build

Bryan Schimke’s moto origin story started with a phrase uttered by father figures that’s inspired many of us. No, not, “With great power comes great responsibility.” That’s Spider-Man’s shtick. I’m talking about the time-honored favorite, “That’s a bad idea.” There’s no better way to get someone to do something than by telling them not to do it. In Bryan’s case, his father telling him that (or something close) not only led him to riding motorcycles, it snowballed into Schimke building them, starting TPJ Customs, and, ultimately, being an invited builder for the Hot Bike Tour. “I have been friends with many of the staff over the years,” Bryan says. “I’ve been in a lot of the magazines thanks to all the good guys and gals over there. We were invited to the very first Hot Bike Tour build-off and have been at every tour but one.”

For 2018, he wanted to build a streetbike with a Harley-Davidson motor. A road ripper to get on and ride anywhere, any time. What he started with was nothing but wheels and a motor. Everything else was built in-house.

TPJ Customs Brians Streetfighter

Calm down, Bryan.

Jeff Allen

Realizing that custom streetfighter started with fabricating a home for the 2004 Twin Cam and those Kawasaki ZX-14 wheels. Specifically, a chassis with only a 26.5-degree rake to keep the bike nice and nimble. The frame gave the bike the perfect stance and feel for what Bryan wanted. And there’s serious stopping power here: Both wheels sport Beringer brakes, with a dual rotor setup leading the charge.

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Streetfighter pipes and air cleaner

Even the header wrap is a combination of black and bronze. TPJ made the pipes and air cleaner to show off this bike as the hard-edged machine that it is.

Jeff Allen

Keeping the bike at optimal fighting weight was a big part of the plan too. No fenders were harmed in the making of this motorcycle. TPJ created a Sportster-style gas tank and gave the bike just enough seat to put your butt on. Other than those two necessities, though, that’s all the bodywork you’ll find here.

Beringer hand controls

Which isn’t to say the shop omitted color from the equation entirely. Some parts, like the Beringer hand controls and brake calipers, got a nice dose of green anodizing to offset all the darkness.

Jeff Allen

After evolving into a complete mock-up with a ProTaper handlebar, grips, and Beringer hand controls, the bike was torn down for paint. Gilmore Graffix laid down Matte Gray pigment to that end; the overall look is very industrial. It’s not exactly a rainbow of color, but that wasn’t the goal. This machine revels in its no-nonsense looks. Someone may have told Bryan Schimke that was a bad idea, but we all know how that turned out the last time someone said that…

piggyback shocks on streetfighter

The piggyback shocks were an eBay special.

Jeff Allen

Spec Sheet

Owner TPJ Customs
Shop TPJ Customs
Shop Phone (209) 339-7043
Year/Make/Model 2018/Special construction
Fabrication TPJ Customs
Build Time A while
Year/Type/Size 2004/Harley-Davidson Twin Cam/88ci
Builder H-D
Cases H-D
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Rocker Boxes H-D
Cams H-D
Throttle Body H-D
Exhaust TPJ Customs
Air Cleaner TPJ Customs
Year/Type 2004/H-D
Gears H-D
Clutch BDL
Primary Drive TPJ/BDL
Year/Type 2018/TPJ Customs
Rake/Stretch 26.5°/none
Front End Kawasaki
Triple Trees Kawasaki/TPJ
Swingarm TPJ Customs
Shocks eBay
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size Kawasaki ZX-14
Tire/Size Pirelli MT 60 RS / 120/90
Calipers Beringer
Rotors Beringer
Builder/Size Kawasaki ZX-14
Tire/Size Pirelli MT 60 RS/180mm
Caliper Beringer
Rotor Beringer
Colors Matte Gray
Paint/Graphics Gilmore Graffix
Powdercoating Precision Stripping and Coating
Front Fender N/A
Rear Fender N/A
Gas Tank TPJ Customs
Dash Nope
Gauges Nada
Handlebars ProTaper
Grips ProTaper
Hand Controls Beringer
Foot Controls TPJ Customs
Headlight Clearwater/TPJ Customs
Taillight TPJ Customs
Turn Signals Your arm
License Mount TPJ Customs
Seat TPJ Customs
Stereo iPhone X
Amplifier iPhone X
Speakers Sony headphones
Front wheel with dual Beringer brakes

That’s a 120/90 front wheel setup with dual Beringer brakes. Slowing down when the ride gets hairy isn’t an issue.

Jeff Allen

Streetfighter frame tubing curves around the engine

We’re digging how the frame tubing curves around the engine.

Jeff Allen

TPJ Customs Streetfighter

Tons of ground clearance, short wheelbase, inverted fork, and mids? Oh, yeah, this bike likes to get deep in the corners.

Jeff Allen

BDL open belt primary with mid-foot controls

A BDL open belt primary with mid-foot controls isn’t something you see every day.

Jeff Allen

180mm tire on custom Streetfighter

Bryan Schimke ran a 180mm tire at the rear to make a good sized contact patch but nothing in the fatback range.

Jeff Allen