Scala Rider

SCALA RIDER by Cardo Systems Inc., Joins the GEICO MOTORCYCLE HOT BIKE TOUR 2014.

SCALA RIDER will be displaying their market leading wireless Bluetooth communication systems at ALL stops of the tour!

Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. (USA) is the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth® communication systems for motorcycles and are considered among the most reliable, innovative and user-friendly Bluetooth® solutions on the market.

The SCALA product line also offers the widest variety of models to ensure that you will find one to fit your individual needs. Feature highlights:

• Motorcycle intercom communication with your passenger, or up to 1 mile/1.6 KM with several bikers in full duplex

• Communication via your mobile phone

• In-the-ear GPS instructions

• Wireless stereo music from any A2DP source or cable from your MP3 player

• Listening to the built-in FM radio

• Software updates via your computer

• In-the-ear status announcements (in multiple languages).

• fits virtually any type of motorcycle helmet and take only minutes to install.

The GEICO MOTORCYCLE HOT BIKE TOUR 2014 is a motorcycle happening that is all about riding and good times! No other event combines the two like the GEICO Motorcycle Hot Bike Tour 2014. If you dig motorcycles, like making them your own and live for the freedom of the open road, then the GEICO Motorcycle Hot Bike Tour 2014 is made for you! You can ride and party your way across the Midwest, hitting all five stops, or ride with us for a day and an evening or two filled with good times. Either way, you, your motorcycle and your friends are going to have a great time!

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