GEICO Hot Bike Tour/ Day 5 Photo Gallery

Bettendorf Iowa to Wisconsin Dells

The final day of the GEICO Hot Bike Tour 2014 was a triumphant end for the event. The route from Bettendorf, Iowa to Wisconsin Dells was the longest and arguably the most scenic and most fun of the entire tour along with a stop for a tour of the S&S Cycle facilities and museum made for a unforgettable day. Once arriving in Wisconsin Dells, the party just began with the daily Sailor Jerry Hot Bike Build- off , the crowning of the " Grand Champion Builder for the Tour, Mike Rabideau of Majik Mike Designs, the Harley stunt riding of Unknown Industries and much more!! The following morning was the "LongRider " ceremony for all that rode the entire route of 1000 + miles. Plans are already underway for the 2015 Tour, hope to see you there!!