Top 10 V-Twin Horsepower Gains

Big inch motor? Turbo kit? Intake?

Are you trying to get every bit of power from that existing motor in your bike? Well, kids, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can spend a little or a lot to get your bike where you want it, but we all know more power means more money. Getting the right parts working together on your machine will get you to the promised land of performance. Mind you the combinations of the right parts can get you some big gains, while others may just get you nothing, so do your homework before you plunk down those hard-earned ducats.

Nonetheless, here we have a countdown from miniscule to fire-breathing engine mods and the averages of horsepower one could gain from doing such upgrades in conjunction with the proper builder and tuner. HB


Horsepower Gains

Hot Bike

10 New Free-Flowing Intake

4-8 HP Gains

09 New Free-Flowing Exhaust

8–12 HP Gains

08 Dyno Tune or Tuning Software

10–15 HP Gains

07 New Cam(s) and Pushrods

10–15 HP Gains

06 Larger Carb/Throttle Body

10–15 HP Gains

05 Ported Heads

5–10 HP Gains

04 Top-End Engine Kit

10–20 HP Gains

03 Big-Inch replacement motor

Big-time Horsepower GAINS

02 Supercharger System

Up to double your engine’s horsepower

01 Turbo System

Up to double your engine’s horsepower