Tool Time - Tim Allen's Custom Brawler GT-R

What Buzz Lightyear really rides to infinity and beyond

“The Brawler GT is my vision of an American sport cruiser. The GT-R is at the highest level. With this bike we wanted to showcase a bike that would be good for everyday long rides or cruising but could also be used to tame the Tail of the Dragon.” That’s how Dar Holdsworth describes this sexy beast he created for actor/comedian/gearhead Tim Allen and, not coincidentally, the GEICO Hot Bike Tour. Initially this bike was meant for another customer. Unfortunately they had to pull out of the deal. That left Brass Balls Choppers in a bit of pickle until Buzz Lightyear’s voice lit up Dar’s phone one day. Tim Allen, who’d lent his voice to the Toy Story character, had seen Usher cruising his Brawler GT around LA and wanted one for himself.

“Tim is an avid rider and all-around motor head,” Dar says. “He had very specific ideas—good ideas—about what he wanted in his Brawler GT. We were able to merge Tim’s ideas with my ideas for the ideal Brawler GT-R, and, as it turns out, we were able to make it happen for him with the bike for the Hot Bike Build-Off. Now that’s what I call a win-win.”
Construction began with a Brass Balls Brawler frame, which is largely influenced by the FXR. The entire body and chassis of the bike are custom hand formed as is the fuel cap.
To further improve handling, Dar incorporated strong and very lightweight BST carbon-fiber wheels, as well as a Trac Dynamics billet-aluminum swingarm when turning the bones into a rolling chassis. The carbon wheels spin up fast and stop equally as fast due to their reduced rotational mass.

The combination o f very little unsprung weight between the carbon wheel and the aluminum swingarm help to keep the wheel in constant contact with the street.
Dar even made a discovery or two along the way. “We have always made Brawler tanks and rear cowlings in house,” he says. “And it was good work. But it’s the kind of work that needs Bondo to make the final piece look right. For this set (and now every set going forward) we enlisted the skilled hands of Joe Cooper of Cooper Smithing Company. My god, he is supremely talented. The metalwork on this bike is perfect and not one seam or wrinkle to be found. I can’t tell you how impressive it is to me to look at his work.”
What about the guy who made “more power” a household mantra in the 1990s though? This being his iron horse, what did he want from it?
Ponies, of course. Powering the bike is a fuel-injected, T-series (code for Twin Cam) S&S 124-inch motor.

As if that weren’t enough, Tombo Racing ported and polished the thing. It breathes in through an S&S Air 1 air cleaner and out through a custom-fabricated exhaust using Burns Stainless. The bike hooks up via a primary drive consisting of a Delkron inner and Barnett outer primary featuring a see-through clutch window so you can see the killer Barnett Scorpion Lock-Up clutch in action.
Tim also wanted patina. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, no, that’s not a stripper name (though it wouldn’t be a bad one). Tim wanted a bike that revealed the natural organic essence of the materials. Translation: no paint.

Dar’s shop brought out the natural finish in the frame then nickel-plated and brushed the skin. The other patina might show you her organic essence too, but I’m pretty sure that costs extra.
Thanks to Jeff and the entire Hot Bike (and Baggers) crew for a great event and fun time. Look forward to doing it again.

Owner Tim Allen
Shop Darwin Motorcycles/Brass Balls Cycles
Shop Phone (405) 270-0995
Year/Make/Model 2015/Darwin,/Brawler GT-R
Fabrication A lot
Build Time 5 months
Year/Type/Size New S&S T-124 EFI
Builder S&S
Cases S&S
Cylinders S&S
Heads S&S
Rocker Boxes S&S
Cams S&S
Throttle Body S&S
Exhaust Brass Balls/Burns Stainless
Air Cleaner S&S
Year/Type 2015/Rivera Primo
Gears 6-speed
Clutch Barnett Scorpion Lock Up
Primary Drive Delkron Inner/Barnett Scorpion Outer
Starter All Balls
Battery Antigravity Lithium
Year/Type Darwin Motorcycles Brawler FXR style
Rake/Stretch 28°/0 in.
Swingarm Trac Dynamics Aluminum
Motor Isolator Alloy Art
Front End Custom Brass Balls Performance trees w/ Öhlins Road & Track legs
Rear Öhlins piggyback shocks
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size BST Carbon Fiber wheels
Tire/Size 17-in. x 110mm Avon Storm
Calipers ISR 6-piston
Rotors EBC floating
Builder/Size BST Carbon Fiber wheels
Tire/Size 17 in. x 180mm Avon Storm
Caliper ISR 2-piston
Rotor EBC floating
Sprocket Vortex aluminum
Colors Brushed Nickel Finish
Paint/Graphics None
Plating/Polishing Nickel plate
Powdercoating None. Patina’d frame and clear coat
Front Fender Carbon Fiber
Rear Fender Hand-formed steel rear Cowling by Cooper Smithing Co.
Gas Tank Hand-formed steel Brawler GT tank by Cooper Smithing Co.
Gas Cap Crafty B
Dash Brass Balls Performance
Gauges Motogadget
Handlebars Biltwell Tracker Bars
Grips Brass Balls Performance Leather-Wrapped Aluminum
Cables Motion Pro
Mirrors CRG bar-end mirrors
Hand Controls ISR adjustable
Foot Controls Brass Balls hand made
Foot Pegs Musham Biltwell
Headlight JW Speaker
Taillight Brass Balls LED in rear cowling
Turn Signals Brass Balls LED in rear chassis
License Mount Darwin Motorcycles
Seat Kyle Hix of Hix Design Killed the seat!
Stereo S&S 124-in. motor
Amplifier Head pipes
Speakers Reverse Megaphone muffler