ThunderMax Performance ECM

Available from every H-D from baggers to the Street 500

ThunderMax ECM

ThunderMax ECM

The famed ECM is now available for the full range of current H-D models.

Courtesy of ThunderMax

ThunderMax is continuing to be an industry leader in the Harley-Davidson Market, having announced that they now support the full line of fuel injected Harley Davidson models, including the new Street 500 and 750 platforms.

ThunderMax uses WaveTune technology to tune over three times faster than any other system available. The use of wide band 18mm O2 sensors gives a 500 times greater reading over the factory narrow band O2 sensors – no dyno tuning required.

ThunderMax is not only easy to use and install, the module also increases throttle response and engine performance while creating a smoother and cooler running engine. The ECM automatically tunes for riding style and conditions; such as altitude, barometric pressure, and ambient air temperature. With ThunderMax you will never outgrow your motorcycle.

With easy to use tech support and adjustable system features, ThunderMax offers adjustable rev limit, idle speed, AFR targets, adjustable engine timing, and adjustable decal pop control to give you full control of your motorcycle. ThunderMax alos gives you the ability to read and clear diagnostic codes and works with H-D® digital tech.

Thunder Heart Performance, the manufacturer of ThunderMax, has been applying engineering expertise to motorcycle electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic systems since 1995.

For more information about the full line of ThunderMax products please visit or contact by phone at: 615.616.1127