Thank You, Willie G.

My Two Cents

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April is a pretty substantial month. It’s time to fork over a bundle of dough to Uncle Sam come April 15. It’s my mom’s birthday (happy birthday, mom! I love you!) whom without her, you wouldn’t have this brilliant monthly column (not). But most importantly, for Harley—and all motorcycle—enthusiasts out there, as of April 30, 2012 (today, as I write this) marks the last day Willie G. Davidson will serve as Harley-Davidson’s senior vice president and chief styling officer.

Willie G. Davidson, 78, will still represent the company as a Harley-Davidson ambassador at motorcycle rallies and events, as well as serve as an influential contributor thanks to his new title as chief styling officer emeritus. Mr. G. developed the modern Harley age. He’ll always be known as the friendly and warm “every man” sporting his $1-million smile, black beret, and of course the beard and mustache.

He is the epitome of a HOG member, a die-hard biker, and the man responsible for the rebirth of what Harley-Davidson is today. He is also still the coolest guy in the entire motorcycle industry in my opinion.

Grandson of founder William A. Davidson, and son of William H. Davidson, Willie G. fused original equipment ideology from the company’s birth with his own unique and modern Harley flair. He and his design teams through the years are responsible for such hits as the Super Glide, which spawned the factory custom category, as well as the Heritage Softail Classic, Fat Boy, V-Rod, and Street Glide to name a few. Thanks for all of your contributions, Willie G.!

On a side note, I too will be stepping down from my post as senior editor of HOT BIKE. It’s been a great ride, but all good things come to an end, right? I’m moving over to our sister publication to step up as the editor for sister publication, Baggers magazine ( Be sure to start following my shenanigans over there. It’s been real…