TESTED: Icon Variant Helmet

Black and Buggy Helmet Review

I've been wearing the Icon Variant in Solid Black for about a month now on our 2015 Harley-Davidson Road King hashtag #elreyhotbike. I have never been a big fan of bike windscreens because of my height. It seems that I'm the exact wrong height for stock windscreens because my line of vision almost always lies directly with the top of the screen. This causes me to constantly either duck up or down to see correctly. So when I found the Variant with the built in visor, I thought this could be just the feature I need to keep the sun and wind out of my face while wearing a full face helmet.
One concern that people have about Adveuture style helmets is their ability to catch air at speed forcing your head back from the wind force. Because of the air channeling design of the visor this was not the case at all. Without nothing but a pair of handle bar tubes to block the wind, we headed out with speeds varying from city riding to highway sprints. I found this helmet to be comfortable in all scenarios.

One of my favorite parts of Adventure style helmets it the increase if overall visibility from the wide visor shape. I'm sure the actual surface area isn't more than a few millimeters but the increase in perceived perifial is big. I consider myself a "snob" when it comes to helmets, and if a helmet doesn't fit just right, it usually doesn't get much ride time. The Icon Variant fit my head snug from all areas without any harsh pressure areas. All heads are difference, so it's important to try one on if it all possible, but I loved the fit for my round globe of a noggin. Because of this time of year, it didn't get overly hot during my test with temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees and the ventilation seemed more than accurate. These style helmets tend to let a lot of air in from underneath. With the increase in ventilation comes an increase in noise and while not a quiet as a typical full face helmet, it's quieter than other models I have tried.
Overall, I love the look, style, fit and ventlaiton of the Icon Variant. I wouldn't hesitate to have this helmet as my only lid for riding on a V-Twin, Sportbike or any type of custom contraption.

All world standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FM VSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (EURO PE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTR ALI A) & SG (JAPAN)S AFET Y AND TESTING STANDARDS.

Fiberglass / Dyneema / Carbon Fiber Shell
Long Oval Headform
Wind Tunnel Tested And Refined
Anti-Lift Visor To Reduce Glare
Multiple Oversized Intake And Exhaust Ports
Molded EPS Nose Reduces Shield Fogging
Quick-Change Fog-Free Shield
Fully Removable / Washable HydraDry Interior
Rear Spoiler For Reduced Helmet Buffeting
Removable Chin Curtain

Retail $350
See more colors and styles at rideicon.com