Ten-Year Love Affair - Custom 2004 Harley-Davidson Road King

Tony Martinez’s sizzling custom Road King

There are a fortunate few who have the means to purchase a dream machine straight from the dealer floor only to turn around and sink another large sum of cash into personalizing their ride—and then have a custom motorcycle ready to roll in just a matter of weeks. But more often than not, for the average working man’s custom, it can take a matter of years with small bits and pieces being purchased as extra money from odd jobs and tax returns. For those who have to pick and choose which modifications to make, sometimes it’s adding just the right amount of key ingredients and less about the number of spices that makes a bike sizzle. For Tony Martinez, his love affair with this 2004 Road King took almost 11 years to finally reach the point you see before you.

Tony purchased his bike new off the showroom floor in 2004. He waited almost a decade to get started on his bike, after hooking up with Hot Sizzle Cycles out of Chino, California. The most prominent modification that Tony made to his bike would have to be the outstanding paint from Manuel Cisneros (CSNRS) out of San Diego, California. Manuel is one of the most respected painters to come out of Southern California with an in-depth understanding of the lowrider pinstriping and paint from years of living the life, not just copying it off pictures from the Internet. Manuel’s style flows with smoothness with an underlying subtly that many new painters in the game could learn from.
For this Road King, now more than a decade old, making a clean lowrider is all about combining just the right amount of parts to make it speak whisper cool rather than scream, “Look at me!”

This has Bad Dad stretched bags mounted next to Platinum Air Ride shocks. Make sure if you hit the switch you can make the asssssss drop. Torch Industries took a Bassani header and extended the exhaust pipe with a different take on the classic fishtail/clamshell look. Eighteen-inch apes with custom controls complete the look that transform the bike from grandpa to gangster.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this bike. It took a small army of people to help. Tony would like to thank Mando and Cash from Hot Sizzle Cycles and Manny from CSNRS who helped turn his 10-year love affair with his Road King into a marriage.

Owner Tony Martinez
Shop Hot Sizzle Cycles, Chino, CA
Year/Make/Model 2004/Harley-Davidson/Road King
Fabrication Hot Sizzle Cycles
Build Time 3 years
Year/Type/Size 2004/H-D/88
Builder H-D
Exhaust Bassani Headers/Torch Industries Pipes
Year/Type 2004/ H-D
Gears 6
Clutch H-D
Primary Drive H-D
Year/Type 2004/H-D
Rake/Stretch Stock
Front end
Length Stock
Rear Shocks Platinum Air Ride
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size Wheel Works/21 in.
Tire/Size Avon/21 in.
Rotors Performance Machine
Builder/Size Wheel Works/16 in.
Tire/Size Avon/16 in.
Colors Candy Blue/Tan
Paint/Graphics CSNRS Manuel Cisneros|
Plating/Polishing Gold leafing
Rear Fender Bad Dad
Handlebars 18-in. apes
Grips Kustom Tech
Mirrors Paul Yaffe
Foot Controls Supreme Legends
Headlight Headwinds
Seat Corbin