Wishbone and Straightleg rames

Classic Wishbone and Straight Leg Chassis For Shovelhead and EVO 4 & 5 Speed Applications

Paughco’s Wishbone and Straight Leg Swingarm frames are a mirror image of chassis common to those from the 70’s and 80’s and can be ordered in a wide variety of styles. Stock neck, chopper neck, 4-speed, 5-speed, SFT, FXR, chain or belt drive, each has it’s own specific part number and in most cases are kept in stock. You even have a choice of neck rake. Of course you can always call Paughco’s tech savvy sales team if you have specific option requirements and Paughco will do it your way. The frames can be combined with a variety of transmission and engine choices including Shovelhead and EVO and come with or without tank mounts for pre-1984 Fat Bob tanks. These classic style frames are manufactured to Paughco’s legendary standards for quality and precision fit with prices starting at just $1074.95. Swingarm not included. To make sure you get just the model just right for you for call 775-247-5738 and be sure to visit Paughco at www.paughco.com.