Update on our Project 1989 FLHS Build

Our project 1989 FLHS is coming along at a good pace. All our parts have been chromed by True Finish Plating. Several key parts have been engraved by Hernan's Custom Engraving.  Sinthium Paint has the bodywork being flaked out at the moment along with the Curly's Custom long bags with Tsukyau latches. We used several Kuryakyn products including floorboards and lights.  Ride Wright has supplied us with some Fat Daddy 50 spoke wheels. The low stance is thanks to Burly Brand Slam Kit. Tunes will be courtesy of Kicker Audio using their PXi502 system. We even grabbed a few items from Iron Braid and a old school horn from Saddlebag Man. Just wait to some of the surprises we have in store including one special one by Hot Licks Exhaust. At last, but far from least, Torch Industries are the guys responsible for making all this come together in addition to making their handle bars, exhaust and fab work. This is an exciting project over at Hot Bike. We are building the bike of our dreams. Would have it been cheaper to buy a new bike and do it up with Harley-Davidson Hard Candy Custom accessories? You'll have to wait to find out.