Thin Is In | BDL 2-Inch Open Beltdrive Install

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Thin Is In | BDL 2-Inch Open Beltdrive Install - Hot Bike Magazine

BDL's black ano EVO-8S-2 2-inch open primary.

01. The EVO-8S-2 comes with the motor plate (A), the front pulley, clutch basket, clutch plates, the belt, and the rest of the inner workings (B), and the side guard, rear pulley cover, and starter housing assembly (C). Also included is mounting hardware and a DVD, which details how to install the beltdrive.

02. Matt drained the primary fluid and removed the outer primary cover.

03. Matt then zip-tied the chain/chain tensioner together in order to compress it and pull it out as one unit. This unit will not be reused since the BDL system utilizes a belt instead of the stock chain.

04. Next, Matt removed the retaining ring, release plate, and clutch hub nut from the clutch assembly.

05. The compensating sprocket bolt was then removed in order to...remove the primary drive components altogether.

06. ...removie the primary drive components altogether.

07. Before Matt could remove the inner primary, he needed to remove the starter shaft from the back of the inner primary on the opposite side of the bike.

08. Once all the stock primary components were taken off, Matt installed the new bearing to the back of the new BDL motor plate (inner primary) with a hydraulic press. BDL supplies two bearings (one for '07 big twins, the other for '08-later big twins). Matt used the '07 bearing.

09. Once the bearing and retaining ring were in place, Matt installed the new inner primary and reattached the starter shaft.

10. Next up, Matt dry-fit both pulleys and belt to ensure proper fitment. Once he was satisfied with how it fit, he installed the clutch hub and the clutch plates one by one. He started with the 0.120-inch-thick steel plate, then a friction plate, followed by a steel plate, and so on until he ended with a steel plate.

11. To complete the clutch assembly, Matt placed the diaphragm over the BDL pressure plate, which houses 32 3/8-inch chromium steel balls that aid in preventing slippage. He then placed the BDL retainer over the diaphragm and inserted the shoulder bolts

12. ...and mounted the unit to the clutch basket. He then installed the clutch adjusting screw, adjusted the clutch, and tightened the jam nut. Clutch done.

13. Matt then installed the front engine pulley and the belt making sure the letters on the belt were facing him.

14. To finish up installing the internal components, Matt used plenty of red threadlocker on the compensating sprocket bolt.

15. Matt then installed the side guard, rear pulley cover, and starter housing assembly. Installation was complete at this time.

16. Here's the finished product all buttoned up nice and neat. The machined finishes against the black fit right in place with the machined fins on the black engine. And an open beltdrive is that much cooler looking than stock.

The makers of fine aftermarket motorcycle components, Beltdrives Ltd. (BDL), have been making quality primaries, open beltdrives, and much more for motorcycles for many many years. Recently, the company released the EVO-8S-2 open primary, an all-new design that includes a 52-tooth front pulley and 69-tooth rear pulley, both 2 inches wide and driven with a 142-tooth belt. Other features include a specially designed ring gear for easy starting and of course BDL's Ball Bearing Lock Up Clutch, which provides positive engagement with minimal clutch pull. The EVO-8S-2 kit also features a unique side guard and rear pulley cover both made from 6061 billet aluminum. This system is finished in clear anodize, black andodize ($1,908.55), chrome, or raw polish ($1,768.90). The EVO-8S-2 is also available in the EVO-8S, which is a 2 3/4-inch belt instead of a 2-inch. Both kits will fit '07-09 Softails and Dynas.

We headed over to Anaheim-Fullerton Harley-Davidson to install the 2-inch kit on a '07 Softail Deluxe. PHD tech Matt Cortez performed the install, and it was pretty straightforward and can easily be performed at home. Also, a step-by-step DVD is included showing how to install the kit on your bike, and as always, BDL provides thorough installation instructions too.


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