Siphoning Sucks! | Fuel-Tool Roadside Assistance

01. The Fuel Tool features a solid brass adapter, solid aluminum and brass nozzle and spout, chemical-resistant nylon tubing and solid rubber grip.

02. The Fuel-Tool installs to the host bike very easily. First, we removed the stock fuel line from the gas tank’s check valve.

03. Next, we installed the male coupling to the tank’s check valve, and hooked up the fuel line to the Fuel-Tool’s check valve.

04. Start the bike.


06. With the bike running, we pressed on the fuel-filler button and gas started to flow. Flow rate is approximately one quart every 25 seconds.


08. When we were done filling, we simply shut off the bike leaving the filler in the tank. Then we pressed the fuel-filler button again to remove the pressure in the line. Lastly, we stuffed the rubber plug into the Fuel-Tool’s check valve and pressed the fuel-filler button to remove excess fluid. The Fuel-Tool proved to be a handy little gadget should we run out of gas.

Most of you have probably experienced the dreadful feeling of a sputtering motorcycle trying to suck the last bit of gas from the tank until ultimately you have to coast to the side of the road up shit’s creek. And of course, the next gas station is a few miles away. We’ve been there before and it pretty much sucks. Thanks to the Fuel-Tool ($89.99) we’ll never have to siphon gas again!

The Fuel-Tool is a convenient way to transfer fuel from a friend’s fuel-injected Harley if you get in a jam. But even if you’re riding alone the Fuel-Tool could also come in handy since bikers tend to help a comrade on the side of the road, and the chances are pretty good that their bike(s) are fuel-injected. We tested out the cool new gadget and were blown away out how simple and effective it was. Want to see how the Fuel-Tool works? Scan the QR code with your smartphone and enjoy!

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