Silver Bullet | Harley-Davidson Bullet Headlamp Install


Silver Bullet | Harley-Davidson Bullet Headlamp Install - Hot Bike Magazine

The Bullet on the WG looks good. It also provides plenty of light for our path.

01. We opted for the 4 1/2-inch bucket and the tall mounting bracket. Also shown is half of the lens kit with two Bullet turn signal covers and two amber halogen bulbs.

02. First, we used a flathead screwdriver to remove the stock front turn signal lens covers and pulled the bulbs out. Then we installed the new orange bulbs and smoked lenses. Here you can see the subtle glow that's still very visible.

03. The rubber grommet on the fork neck was removed to gain access to the headlight wiring. The stock headlight harness was unplugged and...

04. ...the headlamp was removed.

05. The Bullet headlamp was then bolted on with the tall mounting bracket to the lower triple tree. The wiring harness was then hooked up, stuffed back inside the fork neck, and the grommet was replaced. Installation was done at this time.

06. Here is the stock lamp and the Bullet on the WG. The chrome bucket and sleek shape really stand out. Installation was simple and the new lamp still lights up the road as good as the stock unit did.

A different headlamp can really change up the look of your frontend. Such was the case with Harley-Davidson's Bullet Headlamp for the '10 Wide Glide (WG) in our test-bike stable.

The Bullet is available as a 4 1/2-inch bucket ($309.95) or a 5 3/4-inch bucket ($329.95) and is deep drawn from a hunk of aluminum that is machined to provide the details. After being formed, the Bullet is dipped in a bath of chrome to give it that mirror-like shine and then stuffed with the electronics and a halogen bulb so it's ready to bolt onto your bike. The Bullet is available for multiple Sportster, Dyna, and Softail models, but you'll need a new mounting bracket (available short or tall for $41.95).

To also switch things up a bit, we swapped out the front stock turn signal bulb covers (orange) and white bulbs for a Smoke Turn Signal Bullet Lens Kit ($37.95). The kit comes as a four-pack (for front and rear turn signals), but because the Wide Glide utilizes run/turn/brake lamps in the rear as one application, Johnny Law says you gotta keep the bulb covers red. So only two were used for the front. Follow along as we show you how easy this install was.


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