Rust Rescue | Removal Made Easy

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1 We purchased the 5-gallon bucket of Metal Rescue so we can use it as a bath. Most things motorcycle can fit in the container, so it’s an easy all-in-one type deal. The solution looks like water and barley even has a smell to it.

2 We placed the rusty pre-war engine part into the Metal Rescue bath and made sure the solution completely surrounded the part. If an item is too big for the bucket Metal Rescue can also be sprayed onto any rusty surface.

3 Thankfully the Flathead jug had no problem being fully submerged in the bucket. We then let it sit covered up for about 20 hours so none of the solution evaporated.

4 We pulled the part out, rinsed it with water and let it drip dry on a towel. As you can see there is no iron oxide left on the part.

5 The jug on the left can be seen to have no rust on it as compared to the untouched jug on the right.

6 With closer inspection you can definitely tell that Metal Rescue displaces the rust even on old parts. And it leaves behind a well-conditioned surface finish that can be painted, plated, or run as-is.

Lets face it just about every old part we get our grubby hands on has varying levels of rust on them. Sure we all know of a ton of ways to get rid of the metal-eating madness, but some are just way too over the top.

What if I told you instead of brushing, filing and chipping away at that iron oxide that all you have to do is let it sit in a bucket of non-toxic, non-caustic, water-based solution for a few hours to get rid of the red stuff?

Well, thanks to Metal Rescue I am not a liar and you can do just that. This magic liquid takes the rust off of parts and does it usually in less than 24 hours. And it’s reusable.

Don’t believe me? Read along because we took a set of big-twin Flathead jugs that had quite a good amount of rust on them and dunked one of them so you can see just how well Metal Rescue works. By dunking one in Metal Rescue and leaving the other untouched we can give you a side-by-side comparison of how well it worked. HB