Rogue Oil Scavenger

Total Oil-Change System

Rogue Oil Scavenger - Hot Bike Magazine

01. First, all the oil was drained from the oil tank.

02. Next, we removed the oil filter and cleaned the filter-mount flange.

The Evolution Big-Twin engine kit includes one scavenger tool, a gasket, plug, hose barb, drain hose, and a few zip ties. There are also kits available for the Twin Cam A and the Twin Cam B, and a kit for the Sportster will be available soon.

03. Then the large gasket was installed on the Scavenger tool and installed on the flange mount just like a filter. We tightened it by hand, and then it took another 1/2 turn to get the threaded drain-plug hole to the bottom.

04. We installed the hose-barb fitting in the bottom hole and the plug in the opposite hole, leaving the center hole open. The center hole is for the optional oil cooler.

05. Next, we installed the drain hose on the hose-barb plug and used the zip tie to keep the hose from popping off. We ran the other end of the drain hose into an empty drain pan to catch the old oil.

06. With the fill cap back in the tank, we started the bike. We ran the motor for a few minutes until all the oil coming out of the motor was clean (about 20 ounces). Then we turned the motor off and checked the oil level.

07. The oil tank was then filled with the proper amount of clean oil per the service manual specs.

08. Next, we removed the scavenger tool from the filter mount, cleaned it off with some brake cleaner, installed a new filter, and checked and filled the oil tank. Now the bike is starting with all-new oil as if it were a new motor.

Good maintenance on your bike begins with changing the oil regularly. The more you change the oil, the less wear and tear there will be on your motor. However, every time you change the oil, not all of it is removed from the bike. In an average motorcycle, even after all the oil is drained from the oil tank, the motor and lines can still have up to 24 to 30 ounces of old oil in the sump. You could pull the drain plug from the motor to get rid of the remaining oil, but if you've got an aluminum case with a steel plug, the threads can get stripped very easily.

Rogue Chopper has come up with a way to change and flush all the old oil from the motor every time you change your oil. This means you will have more oil life, since you'll start with all-new oil each time.