Road story

How i got Home

Fix it....don't tow it.
When I started the first blog,

I was asking about carrying a tool set but also trying to ask about some of the road side repairs you may have had to do, like walk the shoulder of the road looking for a piece of wire to keep a pipe from dragging on the highway or a bolt to fit a fender even a cup or bottle to steal some gas from your buddy’s bike to make it to the gas station.

What ever it was to get you home, if you have to call for a tow truck because you blow the motor or locked up the trans, that is one thing but I keep hearing about guys heading out on big trips with nothing, not even a screwdriver. I always try to keep a few basic tools on the bike at all time even for the daily commit, but when I’m getting ready to any big trip (Hollister, Sturgis, Daytona) I put a few extra things in the bag. Things like a tire kit or tube, also a few glow sticks, this can be used as a type of flashlight or letting you be seen on the road and not hit by some car. Electric tape and Zip-ties is something you may over look, wires can rub or get cut on a bike real easy. The list can go on….let us know what happen to you and how you got home. I have a few cool road side fixes to tell but I want to hear about yours…..Forever Two Wheels… Ernie