Product Preview - Progressive Suspension 944 Ultra-Low Shocks

Making that back drop

I've been running the Burly Brand Slammer Shocks for over two years now without a single problem. The back of my fully custom 1989 Electra Glide Sport looks like it's on air, but actually sits that low thanks to the kit's 10.5-inch shocks. With a price just north of $200, there is no easier, or inexpensive, way to lower the bike of your bike.

I've ridden several thousands miles on them both solo and two-up. While they did a great job, I felt it was time to upgrade to some better suspension for all the riding I have been doing.

In order to have a lowrider motorcycle, your bike has to be low (duh!). To get the most from my suspension while still keeping the back of the bike in the weeds, I ordered a set of Progressive Suspension 944 Ultra Touring shocks. They are available in two different sizes; the 13-inch (that sits at 12-inches) and the Ultra Low 12.5-inch (that sits at 11-inches).

Here is a quick video to give you a little behind the scenes preview before they get installed and given a full test.

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