Paul Jr. Designs/ Renegade Wheels Trinity Air Cleaners

Paul Jr. Designs/ Renegade Wheels Product Release

"Being 1st to market is great when you bring something that has never been seen. Air cleaners however, have been here as long as motorcycles have been around. Oval, round, teardrop… they’ve all been done before. That said the new PAUL JR DESIGN TRINITY air cleaners from Renegade wheels make a unique and impressive statement. And not only are they crowd stoppers, but they are superior quality “dirt, dust and grime” stoppers as well. Retailing at just $349.00, the TRINITY AIR CLEANER KITS features CNC machined billet aluminum face plate, a oil free filtration element, internal crankcase breathers and installation hardware. Artistic faceplates can be ordered in a variety of finishes, including the finest mirror finish chrome, hand polished and Phantom Cut finished to match Renegade Wheel designs. Renegade uses a space-age filter element which provides an air flow increase up to 20% with resulting increases in horsepower and overall engine performance. Available options include Rain Socks, Black Mesh Screen kits and Mikuni carb adapter. . Kits are available to fit most Harley models. For complete details call 714-998-7241 and be sure to visit their awesome site at