The Makings of an Outlaw Part One | WanaRyd’s Atomic Starkline Wheels

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[01] THE STOCK 2006
Dyna was begging for a new set of shoes












Ever since the Sons of Anarchy invaded our living rooms, the outlaw biker lifestyle has become more prevalent in mainstream society. But if you were already a motorcycle enthusiast—and paid close attention—then you probably noticed that most the SOA club members ride a specific style motorcycle: usually a Dyna with a long, low sweeping, blacked-out 2-into-1 exhaust, a black T-bar or tall risers/drag bar, a quarter fairing, black mag wheels, and of course, they had to be really fast and covered in black. Well, there’s definitely something to that style of bike because out in California, they’re everywhere we look.

Dubbed as the “club” or “outlaw” style motorcycle, one shop seems to have mastered achieving this unique look: Illusion Cycles in Westminster, California. Owners Rod Requejo and Rusty Coones have built quite a few club-style bikes, so we headed over to their facilities to see just how easily the look can be achieved.

For the first of this two-part series, the Illusion crew started the club-style swap with a brand-new set of WanaRyd Atomic Starkline wheels (front $1,249, rear $1,249) with matching rotors front and rear ($379 each) and rear pulley ($499). WanaRyd’s Atomic design features an intricately machined 3-D wheel with seven spokes that is polished, powdercoated black, and recut to showcase the contrasting machined finish in each of the spokes, rotors, and pulley. It’s available for Harley-Davidson Touring models, Softails, Dynas, Sportsters, and custom applications. WanaRyd features a bevvy of beauties in its wheel lineup so there’s something for everyone.

In order for WanaRyd’s cool wheels to function, tires are an obvious necessity. Metzeler’s ME 880 Marathon feature an aggressive tread pattern and provide proven performance for Harley cruisers so it seemed a no-brainer for the outlaw Dyna.

02 & 03 The Atomic Starkline Wheels feature a seven-spoke design that’s been powdercoated black with intricate yet subtle machined finishes on the lip and spokes to give it a nice bit of contrast. Matching rotors and pulleys were ordered to boot, in order to keep things in line. Wrapped around the WanaRyd wheels is Metzeler ME880 rubber (180/55-18 rear, 90/90-21 front).

04 First thing’s first…Rusty rolled the Dyna on the lift and got to work removing the front brake caliper from the lower fork leg. He then loosened the front wheel axle and removed it to slide the front wheel from between the frontend. ** 05** After greasing up the rotor bolts with threadlocking compound Rusty cinched up the new rotor to the Atomic Starkline wheel and installed the setup in between the fork legs with the front axle.

06 Rusty reinstalled the front caliper, which fit like a glove with the new rotor, and the front wheel installation was complete.

07 Moving on to the rear, Rusty loosened the axle and slid a scissor lift under the frame jacking it up just enough to take the weight off the rear of the bike. He then pulled the axle out and rocked the wheel forward a tad to remove the final drivebelt. Once the belt was removed from the stock pulley…

08 …the rear caliper was removed. Off came the wheel, which was then sacrificed to the motorcycle gods (swap meet).

09 Because this was an 18x5.5-inch wheel, Rusty did some test-fitting before final installation and found that the final drivebelt was rubbing the tire’s sidewall. In order to solve the issue, Rusty fabbed up a spacer block that would space out the pulley about 1/8-inch further than if the pulley were bolted directly to the wheel.

10 After machining the spacer block on the lathe until it fit Rusty’s specs, he installed it along with the WanaRyd matching pulley on the WanaRyd Atomic Starkline wheel with plenty of threadlocker on the bolts.

11 Sliding the rear Atomic wheel in place, Rusty’s spacer solved the tire clearance issue, so he reinstalled the final drivebelt to the new pulley, slid the axle back through, and reattached the rear brake caliper. Installation was complete at this time.

12 After rolling the bike off the lift, Rusty was extremely pleased with how the WanaRyd wheels fit the bike. Just the right amount of bling was all he was interested in and the Atomic Starkline fit the bill perfectly.

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