Luck Of The Draw Part Two


01. The paint set was delivered from Hetz Studio and unwrapped by Kody


03. Kody waisted no time bolting on the rear fender.

04. Tony installed the V-twin Manufacturing repop front drum brake to the springer frontend.

05. As not to scratch the paint, both Kody and Tony installed the sometimes tricky front springer fender.

06. The front wheel was then slid onto the springer and the brake adjusted.

07. Kody bolted the J&P; repro gauges to the backbone of the frame and wired the ignition and warning lights.

08. Each side of the gas tank was installed and plumbed.

09. Tony installed the rear wheel into the frame and checked for proper spacing and rear caliper fitment.

10. The custom rear brake bracket and four-piston caliper from Performance Machine will make sure this bike stops under any circumstance.

11. Kody installed and wired the rear tombstone taillight and Autogem turn signal/license plate lights.

12. Tony installed and wired the classic fender tip lamp giving the front of this bike a real retro feel.

13. More Autogem lights were installed under the pogo seat, and all the wiring was hooked to the battery.

14. The cat-eye dash was installed over the gauge cluster and was bolted into place. The bike was then fired up concluding the build.

15. Here’s a sneak peek at the NMM Giveaway Bike. Don’t worry, we will be showing you a complete feature on the bike next month, so stay tuned!

Last month we schooled you on how since 2002 the National Motorcycle Museum (NMM) hand-builds a retro-styled motorcycle every year and raffles it off to one lucky winner as a fundraiser to keep the museum up and running at tip-top shape. Yes, for five dollars a raffle ticket can be bought to win a complete and running V-twin–powered motorcycle. All you have to do is log on to and plunk down a sawbuck.

The motorcycle-building project is led by Kody Winser who has been at the helm of assembling these raffle bikes since 2008. The bike is being adorned with products from legendary parts manufactures such as S&S Cycle, Baker Drivetrain, Ted’s V-twin, Coker Tires, Performance Machine, Pac-Kit saddlebags, Auto-Gem, and Tech Cycle making sure this is one top-shelf machine. This year Kody and John Parham have chosen a replica Knucklehead motor to power this old-school cycle as well as an era-correct re-popped frame and springer fork. The bike is retro-themed, but has updated brakes and transmission, so anyone who wins this bike can throw a leg over it and safely putt off into infamy.

Up to this point we walked you through the first part of the build and left off when the paint set was delivered to the NMM. The rest of the steps below follow how this beautiful little Knuckle came to be finished. HB


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