JP Metal Fabrications Hook Ups Tie-Down Brackets

Peace of Mind

JP Metal Fabrications Hook Ups Tie-Down Brackets - Hot Bike Magazine

01. Here is what's included in the Hooks Ups kit: Two 10-gauge powdercoated stainless steel brackets, eight billet aluminum tee nuts, and mounting hardware.

02. The stock plastic rings work fine for tying down less precious cargo, but when hauling an 800-pound motorcycle, they're less than desirable. I simply removed the factory plastic rings from the front corners of the bed rails...

03. ...Then I inserted the billet aluminum tee nuts into the rails, four for each bracket.

04. Lastly, I bolted the brackets down to the tee nuts with the provided hardware.

05. Installation was quick and easy and only required basic hand tools. The black powdercoated steel is top quality and looks good in the truck bed too. More importantly, $50 for peace of mind is a pretty sweet deal.

Pete Peterson from Dirt Rider hipped me to JP Metal Fabrications' Hook Ups Tie-Down Brackets ($49.95) when I bought a 2007 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner. Tacomas come standard with plastic ring tie-down points, which aren't necessarily ideal for hauling motorcycles. Since Harleys are heavy beasts, tying them down to plastic rings didn't sit well with me.

JP Metal Fabrications' Hook Ups Brackets fit '05-later Tacoma models and are made of black powdercoated steel and include eight billet tee nuts and mounting hardware to secure them in place. Installation takes about five minutes with basic tools. For more information on JP Metal Fabrication products, contact (408) 986-1567, or visit