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Wrenchin' on a bike at home is great. It gives you the opportunity to tinker and fidget on your ride without worrying about anything else in the world. Plus, it keeps you out of trouble, and it's also another great way to intimately bond with your baby-and we're obviously talking about your motorcycle.

If the only tools you've collected over the years are a Philips head screwdriver and a Crescent wrench, then it's time to upgrade. Harbor Freight makes it possible to get the tools needed for working on your motorcycle without breaking the bank. The company offers a huge assortment of tools for all markets, but more importantly, motorcycle- and automotive-specific tools are also available at a very affordable price. And since things aren't really getting any better economy-wise, we felt it necessary to show you a few essentials for wrenchin' at home without taking out a second mortgage. Everything here can be had for less than $1,100, but pricing may vary.

Pittsburgh Professional 301 Piece Mechanic's Took Kit
(PN 45951) $199.99

This is a great toolkit that comes with virtually everything you need to get started. And for less than 200 clams, you get your money's worth. You get 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch drive sockets, both standard and metric, square, star, and spark plug sockets, ratchets, breaker bars, extensions, universal joint adapters, combo wrenches, adjustable wrenches, pliers, Philips and flathead screwdrivers, pliers, and much more. You won't need to borrow your buddy's wrenches anymore.

Five Drawer Service Cart
(PN 95272) $199.99

Staying organized is key to a successful garage. You don't want to leave your tools lying around, especially if you have meddling little ones or neighbors with sticky fingers. This service cart measures 37 11/16 inches wide, by 20 11/16 inches deep, and 41 3/8 inches high. It claims to handle up to 700 pounds, and it's easily maneuverable because of the durable casters. Also, the cart has a self-locking mechanism that locks the drawers when the top lid tray is closed and comes with two keys. The drawers are padded to prevent tools from sliding around. Overall, this is a great cart.

Central Hydraulics Air/hydraulic motorcycle lift
(94121) $449.99

This lift is great because it gives you the option of being used hydraulically or via an air compressor. It rises up to 30 1/4 inches high (locking heights from 18 1/2 inches to 27 1/2 inches) and comes with a safety bar that prevents accidental platform drops. It comes with two front swivel casters for desired positioning, and two fixed rear rollers for moving forward and aft. The tire vice opens up to 7 1/4 inches wide and the entire platform measures 86 1/2 inches long by 265 1/2 inches wide. This baby is heavy at 400 pounds so grab a few buddies to help get it in your garage. Overall, it works great.

3.5hp, 25-Gallon Air Compressor
(PN 99925) $159.99

An air compressor is a no-brainer. Use it to get your bike lift off the ground, or if you're looking toward acquiring some pneumatic tools, or planning on using a paint gun. The U.S. General 3.5hp, 25-gallon compressor is pretty inexpensive when compared to the competition. It features an oil-lubricated, direct-drive reciprocating pump, built-in quick-connect couplers for an air hose, it works with 120-volt power so there's no need to upgrade to 220, and measures 46 1/4 inches tall, by 21 1/2 inches wide, and 21 inches long.

Air hose
(PN 93337) $27.99
Air Tool Accessories
(PN 42716) $9.99

To get air to our lift or tools, we chose this 50-foot by 1/4-inch hose that's made of PVC construction and features bend restrictors to reduce kinks, and 360-degree swivel fittings to increase range of motion. We also ordered this accessory kit, which includes dual wheel truck type chuck, an inflating nozzle, an inflating needle, 1/4-inch nipples, a blowgun, gun tips, 1/4-inch NPT couplings, a quick release coupler, 1/4-inch male quick coupler nipples, and 1/4-inch female quick coupler nipples.

Pneumatic Adjustable Roller Seat
(P/N 90825) $24.99

Getting around in your garage via your feet is extremely overrated. Roll in style with this cool little rolling seat that pneumatically adjusts from 15- to 20-inch seat heights. The seat swivels 360 degrees and can hold up to 300 pounds so if you're a bit...uh...large, there's no need to worry about bottoming out.


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