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Cambridge Audio /Minx Go

Cambridge Audio

Minx Go

The days of being plugged in are coming to an end. Even though Bluetooth has been around for a while, it’s taken this long for there to be a variety of products that truly take advantage of streaming wireless music. With so many different cords, software updates, and operating systems constantly being changed, it’s nice to have a single system that works across all platforms. With all the choices that are available today, it’s hard to decide which portable music system is the best. Cambridge Audio has been creating premier audio products since the mid-1990s. Its latest creation, the Minx Go is a wireless music player that has a rechargeable battery that’s good for up to 18 hours before needing a recharge. Want to connect a tablet, phone, or computer? No problem! Up to eight devices can be paired up. What if you don’t have a Bluetooth connection? The Minx still has you covered with an auxiliary input. We love the size and quality of the Minx. Whether we are working out in the shop, chilling with friends in the garage, or just kicking back after a long ride, the Minx keeps the jams going. If you’re still working with wires, it’s time to jump into the world of wireless, and at less than $150, the Minx is a solid choice in portable audio.

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Wahoo Fitness PROTKT iPhone Mount

Wahoo Fitness

PROTKT Bike Mount

On the past Hot Bike Tour, we rode every day—nearly all day for five days straight. When riding in a group, it’s hard to pull over to get your phone out of your bag or jacket without disrupting the group dynamics. Thankfully the PROTKT provided me with a strong sturdy mount to hold my iPhone 5. Originally designed for bicycles, the rubber mount worked perfectly on handlebars or any other curved or flat surface thanks to the good ol’ zip-ties that secured it to the bike. Once the mount was in place, the hard plastic case snapped right in with just a twist of the phone, providing constant easy access. The cleverly designed screen and buttons allowed for full controls of the phone, including the camera. Thankfully, we didn’t test the case’s construction at full speed, but there were a few drops along the way, and the phone escaped perfectly unharmed. The case is also waterproof should Mother Nature decide to make it rain on your parade. Don’t be afraid to look outside the typical iPhone box into different areas to protect your talker.

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