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Frisco Facelift | Eternal Combustion Sportster Tank Lift - Hot Bike Magazine

01. The rear mount of the tank was loosened just enough to allow the tank some vertical articulation.

02. The OE front-mounting bolt was loosened and removed.

03. The stock hardware is used in the lower OE location and the Eternal Combustion bracket’s new hardware is used to hold the spacer plate to the gas tank in the upper locale.

04. Once the tank was deemed to be square on the frame and not crooked, all of the hardware was tightened up to factory specifications.

05. And here you go, a little bit of the old school for your new ride.

So, our buddy Ballbreaker has been customizing his ’90 Sportster for a while now and after swapping out a gang of parts, the bike was well on its way to looking pretty badass.

One day while looking for deals on eBay, Ballbreaker found a nice late-model 3.3-gallon Sportster tank for a great deal and pushed the “buy it now” button. When the brown Santa dropped the tank off at his house, Ballbreaker originally was gong to slice and dice it to get it sitting high on the backbone for that ’60s Frisco-styled chopper look. That was until he found out about Eternal Combustion’s Frisco Bracket ($70).

Seeing how just this one little bracket could put an unmolested tank high on the frame using the stock mounting location and garnering the same look as hours of cutting and welding, Ballbreaker decided that there was no need to pull out the welder and die grinder.

The solid-steel bracketry comes from Eternal Combustion at the perfect length to raise the tank mount holes to just above the backbone on the sporty frame for that perfectly Friscoed look. The kit comes complete with all the required hardware to get your tank flying high. Follow along as we show you just how easy and simple this can be done. HB


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