Easy Power Outlet | PowerLet SAE-to-Cigarette Socket

Use Your Battery Charger Plug For 12V Power

Easy Power Outlet | PowerLet SAE-to-Cigarette Socket- Hot Bike Magazine

01. Many riders use a low amp battery charger to maintain their motorcycle battery at proper storage voltage. Most have a permanent pigtail like the one pictured already attached to the battery for easy charger hook up.

**02. ** The PowerLet adapter has a SAE connector on one end and a standard cigarette socket on the other.

** 03.** Here we've connected our cell phone using our car charge cable. You could just as easily connect a GPS or an MPG player. And we don't have to add anything to the bike.

We ride a lot of different bikes and often we need power for equipment like cell phone and camera chargers or GPS devices. Unfortunately not all of our rides have convenient power outlets. But they almost all have an SAE plug for a quick connect to a garage battery charger. So we were happy to find the PowerLet SAE-to-Cigarette Socket (PN# PAC 024-03, $14.95) which allows us to tap into our Road King's electrical power through the SAE pigtail. The socket is small and easy to carry. We throw it in with our cell phone car charger cable and never worry about dead phones.


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