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Draft Dodging | Air Management Systems From Küryakyn - Hot Bike Magazine

01. The '09 Softail Deluxe awaited its new parts. Installation for the AirMaster windshields and the Fairing-Plus was very simple, requiring only basic tools.

02. The windshield mounts in two parts, up to the sides of the fork legs, and to the back of the windshield so that it can easily be clipped in place. The Küryakyn tech mounted part one of the kit to the sides of the forks. He simply removed the top and bottom bolts on the sides of the fork tubes, installed the mounts, and part one was done.

03. For part two of mounting the hardware, the tech installed the rest of the two mounting plates to the back of the windshield using the provided hardware. Once completed he simply clipped the windshield in place.

04. Küryakyn AirMaster windshields are available in clear or tint and come with interchangeable emblems (Zombie and Grooved). They're also available in a variety of heights: low, mid, and tall. Here's the low installed on the Deluxe, it measures 16 inches tall from the top of the headlight to the top of the windshield, 22 inches tall from top to bottom, and 23 inches wide.

05. Here's the mid mounted on the Deluxe, which measures 18 1/2 inches tall from the top of the headlight to the top of the windshield, 24 1/2 inches tall from top to bottom, and 23 inches wide.

06. And finally the tall, which measures 20 1/2 inches tall from the top of the headlight to the top of the windshield, 26 3/4 inches tall from top to bottom, and 23 inches wide.

07. The Sportech Fairing-Plus features a sleek design and serves two functions: to block the wind and add some style to the front of your bike.

08. First, the tech loosened the light bar and let it sit on the fender temporarily since it needed to be relocated slightly forward to fit the new fairing. Next, he affixed the side plates from the mounting kit to the fairing. He then replaced the two stock bolts on each side of the fork leg with the provided hardware, which serves as the mounting point for the fairing side plates.

09. The tech then tightened down the light bar relocating brackets with the provided hardware and installation was complete.

10. Here you can see how sleek the black fairing looks when installed. Or you can custom paint it to get the desired look you're after with minimal prep. Also notice the inside of the fairing has a storage compartment that measures 13 1/2 inches wide, by 3 inches tall, and 3 inches deep.

Under Budget
Windshields and fairings are very handy when touring. Both help prevent bugs from flying into your mouth (picture Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber), and they also help keep the wind from blowing you every which way when it kicks up.

Küryakyn, makers of anything and everything motorcycle related, has released an air management system line of AirMaster windshields ($299.99) for keeping the elements and unruly flying insects at bay. The windshields are available in tint or clear and these specific shields were made to fit multiple Harley-Davidson Softail models utilizing the fork slider frontends and work with or without the OEM light bar. The shields are made of 0.125-inch optical grade, hard-coated polycarbonate and are available in three different heights: low, mid, and tall. A high-quality, chrome-plated stainless steel hardware kit ($89.95) is required for installation. Another cool feature is that the AirMaster can be tilted forward and aft to better suit the rider by making adjustments to the mounting hardware. The windshields/mounting hardware will fit '05-10 Deluxe, '90-10 Fat Boy, '86-10 FLST(C), and '93-96 FLSTN models. The best part is that once the hardware has been mounted (about a 10-minute process), windshield installation/removal takes a matter of seconds.

Another air management option that Küryakyn offers is the Sportech Fairing-Plus ($599.99) for Softail models. With the bagger craze not leveling off by any means, fairings are still the rage. Especially when you can take them off and put them back on in no time at all. The Sportech Fairing-Plus is thermo-formed from the same materials found on auto body panels, and the outer shell has been painted in black with a nice glossy clearcoat to withstand the elements. The inner shell features a black textured surface with an inner compartment for storing belongings. The Fairing-Plus also requires a mounting hardware kit ($49.90) that will work with '86-10 Heritage, '05-10 Deluxe, and '93-96 FLSTN models. It will also fit '94-10 Road King models.

We headed over to one of Küryakyn's facilities in nearby Santa Ana, California, to check out the air management line of windshields and the Sportech Fairing-Plus to see how they looked when installed on the test mule, an '09 Softail Deluxe. We were also curious as to what was required for installation purposes and if taking the windshield on and off once the hardware had been installed was as easy as Küryakyn claimed.


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