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Here’s the WG in all its grinded glory. We’re digging the Punisher-esque skulls on the front and rear fenders, too, and how the grinds stand out in the sunlight. Sweet!

Here’s the WG in all its grinded glory. We’re digging the Punisher-esque skulls on the front and rear fenders, too, and how the grinds stand out in the sunlight. Sweet!

1. And here’s the WG in its stock form. The flames are cool but we wanted to switch things up a bit.

2. The Core Series-Grind collection is a simple way to give your bike an edge amongst your peers. Plus you get the peace of mind that you are using genuine Harley parts. The intricate grinds provide a definite edginess.

3. Alan started the install with the front fender. Four bolts were removed and Alan took the fender off.

4. He then put the new fender on. If only life were this simple.

5. Alan pulled the seat in order to remove the stock rear fender and stock gas tank.

6. After Alan removed the tank’s dash, he started loosening up the tank’s top plate in order to extract the fuel pump, which he would install in the new tank.

7. Here, the sending unit along with the rest of the fuel pump components, etc., were taken out since Alan would have to install them into the new Core Series-Grind gas tank.

8. Alan installed the fuel gauge and then hooked up the fuel pump and the rest of the internals inside the new tank and…

9. …then he installed the new tank onto the backbone and tightened down the front and rear mounts.

10. Moving on to the rear fender, Alan needed to get the sissy bar off the stock fender so he could…

11. …install it on the new rear fender. He lined up the sissy bar’s mounting holes to the new fender’s mounting holes to check for accuracy.

12. He then mounted the rear fender and snugged up the sissy bar with the stock hardware.

13. All that Alan needed to do was reinstall the sprung solo seat…

14. …and reinstall the dash to the new tank and that wrapped up the installation of the Core Series–Grind Collection.

So you’re in the market to have your bike painted. Choosing the correct representation of you is tricky. It takes a lot of thought and a lot of planning to decide how you want your baby to look. Harley’s Core Series-Grind collection is a cool no-brainer way to get a custom look. It’s relatively inexpensive too when compared to custom paintjobs; Paint Only Sheetmetal Exchange Program is $1,899.95, but a brand-new set of Core Series–Grind tins can be had for a starting price of $1,999.95 depending on model.

The Grind Collection consists of intricate circular grinds throughout the sheetmetal around the size of a silver dollar. According to Jeff Strunk, Harley-Davidson category manager, color, comfort, and controls, “All factory paint sets start with Genuine Harley-Davidson e-coated sheetmetal (tanks, fenders) and injection-molded bodywork (fairings, side covers, saddlebags). The components are inspected, prepped, then head to the spray booth for the first coat of the design. In the case of grind, the first step is applying the grind design, followed by the color coat, logos, pinstriping, and finally the clear,” Jeff says. Customers can choose from Vivid Black, Shiny Side Up Silver, Agave Blue, Iconic Orange, Push the Boundaries Pink, and Real Fine Red (shown). Also, the Grind collection can be applied to a customer’s undamaged stock sheetmetal as part of H-D’s “Paint Only Sheetmetal Exchange” program or can be ordered already applied to a brand new set of tins. Available in Denim or a Gloss finish, the Core Series–Grind Collection is an interesting take on paint customization. Customers interested in the Grind Collection should expect a turnaround time of about 60 days. That’s from the time you ship your sheetmetal to the time it shows back up on your doorstep. And the finish is covered by a two-year factory warranty if it’s installed within 60 days of purchasing a new Harley motorcycle.

The Core Series-Grind collection is available for ’01-later Dyna and Sportster models, and ’01-later Softail models with the purchase of a separate model-specific dampening kit. Rocker models require the purchase of separate purchase of non-embossed fuel tank.
We took the long-term ’10 Wide Glide to the Harley-Davidson Fleet Center where Alan Barsi performed the paint swap. HB

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