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Pro-Action Suspension Street Series Shocks

George Quay III owns Pro-Action Suspension and has been building, rebuilding, and fine-tuning all sorts of motorcycle suspension for more than 40 years. So George knows a few things when it comes to making big, bumpy bikes ride as smooth as silk.

Pro Action starts the construction of its Street Series Dyna/FXR/Sportster shocks with a CNC-machined and hard-anodized T6061 billet aluminum shock body. It then builds this very light nitrogen-charged shock with a 12-port high-flow piston, three-stage pressure-sensitive/self adjusting compression valving, and a two-stage rebound system. The Street Series shocks also offer a ton of rider adjustability with a hand-adjustable coil spring preload and an ingenious externally adjustable free bleed control clicker. Yes, these shocks are both smart and good-looking.

I have been riding a set of these shocks for many miles both in the twisties and in the highway and have found them to provide such a quality ride that I forget they were there. And that is just about the highest compliment to pay to any sort of suspension. They soak up both the high-frequency road noise and the big hits no matter the tarmac condition. Roads that would normally cause me to jam on the brakes before bottoming out, I can now jet through smoothly and easily.

The Street Series shocks are available in 11- to 14-inch lengths and are fully rebuildable as well as being revalveable. They are made in the USA and have stainless-steel spherical bearings in the shock eyes. They aren’t cheap, but we feel they are worth every single penny for the amount of quality suspension they offer.


Pro-Action Suspension