Tbars: Wild 1's Chubby Physcho Streetfighters

Three ways to cross the T on your H-D

If you're looking for a set of thick MX T-Bars, you will want to check these out. Wild 1's Chubby Physcho Streetfighters are 35 inches wide and available in 3 heights- 10-inch high bars with 6-inch riser and 4-inch bar rise, 12-inch high with 8-inch riser, 4-inch bar rise, and 14-inch high with 10-inch riser and 4-inch bar rise. All options come in a show chrome, satin black powder coat, or raw finish. Dual wall construction and a super clean interior makes for easy internal wiring. Designed with a slight kick forward the Streetfighter bars provide both a neutral and comfortable wrist angle for maximum control. Fits most H-D models except for FLHT/C/U/K and FLHX. All Wild 1 products are made in the USA. These bars are made from 1 1/4-inch diameter tubing. Check out the Chubby Reaper handlebars or other Wild 1 handlebars at www.wild1inc.com. You can also give Wild 1 a ring at (800) 337-8870.


Wild 1's Chubby Physcho Streetfighters

What's 35 inches and comes in three heights?

Courtesy of Wild 1