Taylor/Sumax Spark Plug Wires

Some 9mm Firepower

If your bike is box stock or hopped up to hell, getting that spark from the sparkplugs to the coil properly is a major part of having your bike run correctly. And having them look good is just some more sweet-ass icing on the cake!

For many years it was thought that anything but OEM sparkplug wires were a no-go until Taylor wires designed specific wires that work on every model Harley made to date, with any ignition system stock or aftermarket.

Taylor wires have been in business for decades making car and bike plug wires, so they know a thing or two about making these things. And when Kirk Van Scoten from Sumax teamed up with them to make these big and beefy 9mm Firepower wires it was a major win-win situation for all involved.

We have had them on our bike for a few thousand miles, and due to the 9mm Firepower wire’s size, shielding, and terminals we have found them to offer a solid stream of power. And best of all no carbon buildup on our sparkplugs has occurred during any time we have been using them. We also noticed a bit better starting with little to no engine chugging since we installed them and have had no fault codes show up either.

The 9mm Firepower plugs are available in model-specific sizes as well as universal sets that you can custom order from Sumax with your desired lengths.